“Heart of the Lion” Awarded to Medfield’s Kathy Thompson

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Medfield Lions Present “Heart of the Lion Award”

The “Heart of the Lion Award” presented to Kathleen Thompson, MS, RN, Nurse Leader, Medfield Public Schools.

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  • Nurse Kathy Thompson and Lion Barbara Gips (Photo courtesy of Medfield Lions Club)
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Nurse Kathy Thompson and Lion Barbara Gips
Heart of the Lion recipient, Kathy Thompson and Lion Barbara Gips

“Heart of the Lion” Awarded to Medfield’s Kathy Thompson

At the Medfield Lions May dinner meeting, the “Heart of the Lion Award” was presented to Medfield resident, Board of Health member and Medfield Public Schools Nurse Leader, Kathy Thompson by Lion Barbara Gips.

Kathy and her husband, Newton were invited to this dinner meeting as guests of the Lions and Kathy was presented with this well-deserved award.

The letter of nomination stated the following:

“I nominate Kathy Thompson for the Medfield Lions Club Heart of a Lion Award 2022.

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Let’s go!

Kathy is the head nurse in the Medfield School District. In her free time, Kathy organized 9 vaccine clinics. Without Kathy’s vision and civic mindedness, these clinics would not have come about. Kathy asked for volunteers to help with the clinics and they happily gave up their time for Kathy’s mission of serving the community and making it as easy as possible to get children vaccinated. A local resident and owner of Birds Hill Pharmacy in Needham brought the vaccine to the clinics. It did take a village, and Kathy would be the first to thank everyone else, but the clinics would not have taken place without Kathy’s leadership.

Parents were so grateful they could bring their children 5 years and older to these clinics. The children would see familiar friendly faces, watch cartoons and be given drinks and snacks after their vaccine generously supplied by Kathy. Kathy’s wonderful husband worked at the entrance greeting and inputting the insurance information into the laptop. The most humble and community orientated couple I know.

It is thanks to Kathy organizing these clinics that Medfield has over 95% of 5 years old through High School kids vaccinated and gave out over 600 vaccines.”

Congratulations, Kathy Thompson!

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