ATM report = we have a new SBC bylaw

Photo not from last night.

The proposed new School Building Committee bylaw was the sole controversial issue at the annual town meeting (ATM) last night. It passed by a vote of 162 – 149.

2 responses to “ATM report = we have a new SBC bylaw

  1. Hi Pete,

    Just listened to the recording of last night’s ATM and confirmed that the bylaw passed by a vote of 163 vs. 149 (you had 162 below). Not trying to be nitpicky, but with such a close result, every vote counted!




  2. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    Thanks for noticing and correcting it. I always prefer to have things be accurate. I did write it down last night as 162, but I must have not heard it correctly, and I did not check the Town Clerk website to verify it.