Sustainable Medfield

We are glad to see you have joined Sustainable Medfield and created a profile on our ACTION portal.

Here are some quick ideas as you get familiar with the ACTION portal.

We hope that you find the site easy to navigate and helpful to you and your family as you learn and take action for our environment.

–       Explore the ACTIONS and note which ACTIONS you have already completed and those you’d like to do.

–       Read testimonials from your neighbors (write some too!)

–       Join a team/Create a team(s) for any groups you belong to including informal groups like your neighborhood, soccer team or book club. You can belong to multiple teams.

–       Suggest ideas for new ACTIONS

As you probably know, Sustainable Medfield does two things.  You already know that Sustainable Medfield has a one-stop resource with Medfield-specific ACTIONS that residents can take to improve our environment. This resource is populated with ACTIONS developed by local groups and community members.

You may not know that the second thing Sustainable Medfield does is connect groups in town to network and collaborate on sustainability.   This group gathers at quarterly meetings for local group leaders/liaisons. This interactive forum allows for information exchange, knowledge building and the identification of synergies and possibilities.  Check out this graphic that portrays how Sustainable Medfield networks in our community.

You can see when the next meeting of the Sustainable Medfield Group Liaisons is here.  All are welcome (you don’t have to be a Group Liaison).  It’s a great way to learn what the community is working on.

You will soon be invited to join the email list of Medfield Environment Action (MEA).   MEA has an informative monthly newsletter.  We encourage you to accept the invitation and receive information directly from this group.  By joining that email list, you will learn about other initiatives in our community.  

You can read about Medfield Environment Action here.

We are so happy you are part of Sustainable Medfield.

·      Like and follow us on Facebook.  Click here to get to the Facebook page.

·      Tell your friends and neighbors about SM and encourage them to sign up.

·      Say yes to the MEA newsletter.

We believe SM will play an important role in enhancing Medfield’s environment. To achieve this, we need additional volunteers to help us.  Consider joining the SM leadership team to do such things as promote SM in the community, generate new ACTIONS and maintain our website.  We would love your help in any of these activities and would be happy to have a conversation about them. 

We can’t wait to see what ACTIONS you take and to watch your impact grow!  Share your feedback and suggestions for the ACTION portal at

Jackie Alford, Catherine White and Megan Sullivan

Co-chairs of Sustainable Medfield

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