Earth Day letter from MEC

Fellow Medfielders,

As we recognize Earth Day 2021, global responsibility is clearer than ever, and local action more urgent than ever.

Some Medfielders have already made the transition, but now all households need to go EV, HP, PV:Subscribe

  • EV: for anyone who must own a car, start driving Electric when it is time to buy the next Vehicle.
  • HP: when the boiler or furnace starts to fail, go electric with a HeatPump system.
  • PV: putting PhotoVoltaics on the roof is a very profitable step.

For each of these decarbonizing steps, yes, there are considerations, as with any change. But, the transition is not usually particularly burdensome, and often is surprisingly advantageous.

The three steps are the transition to low-carbon that is needed. Beyond them, there are indeed many other wonderful things Medfielders can and should do to benefit the environment. But
taking any of these three steps, by far, will have the largest climate impact. These steps are also absolutely essential to meeting local, state, national, and global climate goals. And, no
one is likely going to force anyone to take them.

Literally, it is up to us.

Medfield Energy Committee (MEC) and Medfield Environment Action (MEA) are recommending passage of a number of key Warrant Articles at Town Meeting aimed to responsibly help accelerate the decarbonization transition locally. Your support will be appreciated.

It should also be mentioned that an unexpected outcome, after a year of Covid quarantining, is that we each now have a better idea of what other carbon-reducing efforts will work for us, in our
post-pandemic lives. Awful as it has been, we have learned what might help us come-back-carbon-better.

Medfielders making these careful and caring consumer choices is exactly what is necessary to prevent the worst climate cataclysm for our children and grandchildren.

It’s what will make for a great Earth Day.


Fred Davis, Chair – Medfield Energy Committee

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