Hurray Olivia Adams!

Article from PATCH about a software engineer on maternity leave creating the website the state had not – this is what we have all been looking for. This is from Olivia Adams’ site just now:

Gillette Stadium Foxborough

02/07/2021: 2 slots

02/08/2021: 385 slots

02/09/2021: 398 slots

02/10/2021: 43 slots

02/11/2021: 1546 slots

02/12/2021: 2048 slots

02/13/2021: 1618 slots

02/14/2021: 2092 slots


Website Showing Open Vaccine Slots In MA Created By Arlington Mom

Olivia Adams, a software engineer on maternity leave, created the site after seeing people struggle to find appointments.

Neal McNamara's profile pictureNeal McNamara, Patch StaffVerified Patch Staff BadgePosted Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 9:50 am ET|Updated Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 3:14 pm ET

A man receiving a COVID-19 vaccine at the Fenway Park mass vaccination site on Jan. 29.
A man receiving a COVID-19 vaccine at the Fenway Park mass vaccination site on Jan. 29. (Getty Images)

ARLINGTON, MA — An Arlington woman on maternity leave from her job as a software engineer has done what state officials have so far struggled to do: create an easy way for people to find COVID-19 vaccine appointments open in the state.

Olivia Adams launched the site this week. It features a list of vaccination sites around the state, and for each one a list of dates and the number of open slots. For example, the site showed 1,764 slots open on Feb. 12 at the Eastfield Mall in Springfield on Saturday morning.

Adams, who works for Athenahealth, has included vaccination sites from the state’s main vaccination map, as well as private sites run by pharmacies and other medical facilities. So far, she’s working alone, but is seeking help and donations to keep the project going.

The site was born out of the state’s rocky vaccine rollout. People over age 75 became eligible for the vaccine on Feb. 1, with more groups set to be eligible in the coming weeks.

“In January, during my maternity leave, I started working on creating [the website],” she wrote on a GoFundMe page. “My mother-in-law was having trouble booking an appointment for her vaccine, and then had the same trouble when she was trying to get her father vaccinated. I kept hearing the same frustrations over and over — from family, from friends, and on the news. The sign-up process was too confusing, too disjointed.” . . .

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  1. Chester W. Jepson

    Jest want to thank you for helping spent days trying to make appointments you made it easy god will remember you & the elderly thank you you made it easy. .
    Chet plymouth ma.