RR grinding over next week

Email from Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler today –

From: Chris Podgurski <cpodgurski@masscoastal.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 6:06 PM

To those it may concern:

As you may be aware, the Mass Coastal Railroad (MCRR) has been implementing a MASSDOT-Rail Capital Project whereas certain safety and compliance work was done between Mansfield and Framingham.  After being acquired from CSX, MCRR and the owner MASSDOT immediately placed certain speed restrictions on these lines until such time as a Capital Project could be done.

Please be advised that Mass Coastal Railroad will be operating a rail-profiling machine along the Secondary. The equipment is loud and emits sparks from the grinding operations. It has it’s own ability to put out any incidental fires that may occur. This work will begin sometime this weekend and take about a week to traverse the 22 miles. Work will be 10-12 Hrs a day.

MCRR will be accompanying this operation and will be stationed at every grade crossing as they are approached.

Following the Rail Grinding Operation the Temporary Speed Restrictions will be lifted along the Framingham Secondary.

Should you need to contact the MCRR please call me directly. or reply to this email.


P. Christopher Podgurski- President & COO

12 Harding Street, Unit 202

Lakeville, MA 02347

(508) 291-7116

(Direct) 781-828-0576

Fax 781-828-0438

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