What Medfield personage lists his/her occupation on the official annual town census that he/she is a “RODEO CLOWN?”

Maintaining the integrity of the town records requires me to inquire, Sir/Madam, when was your last rodeo?

Noticed while using the town census to send out the Medfield Foundation’ first annual appeal.

The Medfield Foundation hopes to have 100% of the town’s rodeo clowns supporting its first annual appeal.

And in fact 100% of all of our hometown’s residents – together building our shared community – https://www.medfieldfoundation.org/give

One response to “Quiz

  1. Eileen DeSorgher


    Way too funny!

    I’m going to have to make the time to look that one up . If it’s a joke, the person should be penalized for false information in the town census. If it’s accurate- it’s very amusing for someone in Massachusetts.

    Your post probably made many readers smile today . Thank you.

    Best, -Eileen

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