MEA was founded in June and has quickly gained momentum.  We are committed to helping Medfield and Medfield residents learn how to reduce their impact on the environment.  We plan to hold at least one educational program a month.

We have some great ideas and plans for the future and would welcome more.  Please get involved in a small or big (or medium) way.   Feel free to reach out to and/or consider attending the Steering Committee meeting in December.  Details below.  

Monday, November 16th
Learn from Your Neighbors
Monday November 16th 7:30 – 8:30 pm on Zoom


Are you thinking of installing solar panels or heat pumps but don’t know where to start?  Are you curious about the logistics of driving an electric car?  We thought it would be great to have a session about these carbon-reducing products where you can talk to other Medfield residents who have already adopted them.  

Hear from these Medfield residents about their experiences:
Jim James will talk about his solar panels.
Kirsten & Glen D’Abate will discuss their electric vehicles.
Jim Nail will tell us about how he installed a heat pump system for his home.

Also, we will share how to calculate your own carbon footprint.
There will be plenty of time for questions.
Register in advance for this webinar:    

Have you taken our survey?  Please do!
We hope to learn what you and other Medfield residents think about environmental issues. 
Please take our survey and then share the link with your friends and family.  If you include your email, you will be registered for a raffle to win a $50 gift certificate to a Medfield store.   
Find the survey here:

      The next meeting of the Medfield Environment Action Steering Committee will be Wednesday December 2nd at 7:30pm via Zoom.  Please join us at a meeting– we welcome everyone and anyone — and see what we’re about.   
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 850 1726 6125
Passcode: 388020
      It’s Easy to Calculate
Your Household Carbon Footprint!
• Use the EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator
• Fill in just these two sections: Home Energy (electricity, gas/oil), and Transportation (your vehicles).
• Save your work and bring in the number– your household carbon footprint in lbs of annual CO2 emissions– to the Nov. 16 forum.
• This is a starter approach to carbon-footprint; we can always go deeper later. Please contact Fred Davis with any questions at    

The Zero Carbon Home forum from last month was terrific.  Lots of good information about how to get started on insulating your home, installing solar panels, choosing replacement windows and considering heat pumps.  The recording is now on the MEA website,  Check it out!
          Want to save money?  Want to know more about home energy assessments, rebates, incentives, and more?  Go to Mass Save and check out the possibilities.    

Our Mission Medfield Environment Action (MEA) is a grassroots organization of residents.  We share information about the accelerating environmental destruction and climate emergency to empower local action.  We seek to build a movement of informed citizens, dedicated to the preservation of a living environment in Medfield and beyond. Our goal is that those informed citizens support each other and work together for solutions.
MEA will work to: initiate and support measures by our town and state governments that will positively impact our environment; help reduce energy consumption and render the consumed energy renewable/sustainable reduce other environmental impacts in our community.  
Adopted July 9, 2020

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