Car versus Frairy Street house

Photos this morning from the Medfield Fire Department –

One response to “Car versus Frairy Street house

  1. I watched from the kitchen window for at least an  hour:   sequence, cruisers,rescue truck in back yard, men standing around, firetruck arrives and unrolls hose to back, flatbed tow truck backed up to the back of the house for about an hour, firemen entering front door, and I stayed away.   Mind you, I had no idea what happened because I couldn’t see the back of the house.  There seemed to be no sense of urgency.  Eric wallked down and talked to whoever was in the fire truck-a female driver tried to turn around in the Basil driveway because  RR crossing lights were on (they were working on the tracks,) somehow ended up driving her car into the back of the house as far as where the car front door hinges. Car still stuck when Eric walked home but they finally got it out between 5 and 6. (all started around 3PM, and I was on a family Zoom from 5 to 6) Building inspector had to come and it must have been deemed safe because the upstairs family had lights on last night.  I wonder if the family was at home because I know there are 3 children and a dog and I never saw them??SOOOO, that’s what was happening at my end of Frairy St.  The driver was unhurt but I know nothing about the family.  Mo A, the owner, was there early on.  Men and other vehicles were there until after 6.

    Katherine Belmont