Light up Medfield – Suicide Awareness Month

Andreea Cazacu, M.D., a local pediatrician and the stalwart leader of the Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention’s campaign to illuminate the town in purple and other colored lights in recognition of September being Suicide Awareness Month, reports the following successes to date:

As you might have noticed the many of the local stores and businesses are adorned with the colored lights. Please let your friends and family know to look for it:

Noon Hill Grill has a new purple sign at the entrance in the parking lot and purple lights inside

Park Street Books has green lights

Go Fresh has a string of Purple lights

Larkins has changed their sign and is teal with purple

Nosh and Grog has purple lights

Starbucks has 2 jars with purple lights by their cash register by the main door

Absi Jewelers store has 2 jars with purple lights

Salon one has jars with purple lights as well

Brothers store has purple lights at the street

Avenue has white and purple lights hanging over their tables

Be Charmed has a purple light shining on their sign

Medfield TV has purple lights inside

A house on Main street has purple lights on their column

A house on North has purple lights in the windows upstairs

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