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Acceptable/Unacceptable Materials
Clean Harbors will accept for transportation and disposal the majority of
hazardous waste typically produced by households, It is stressed for the safety of
everyone involved that all materials are known and properly labeled. Wastes that
are not in their original containers will be accepted as "known" wastes provided
they are labeled. Unknown wastes, if acceptable, will be field tested and
packaged for incineration. Below is a listing of typical household hazardous
wastes collected:
Aerosol Cans Engine degreaser Oil filters
Ammonia Epoxy resin Oven cleaners
Antifreeze Fiberglass Paint thinner
Arts and crafts supplies Floor cleaners Pesticides
Batteries Furnace Cement Photo chemicals
Bleach Furniture Polish Pool chemicals
Brake fluid Gasoline/Kerosene Radiator cl~aners
Car wax Herbicides Resins
Carburetor cleaner Insect Sprays Rodent killers
Caulking Lighter fluid Roof Cement
Cesspool cleaners Mercury products Rust preventatives
Chemistry sets Metal polish Sealants
Creosote Moth balls Solvents
Drain cleaners Motor oil Spot removers
Driveway Sealant Muriatic acid Transmission fluid
Dry cleaning fluids No-pest strips Weed Killers
Engine and radiator :fl us hes Oil based paint Wood preservatives
Wood Stripper
Clean Harbors reserves the right to refuse any waste deemed unsafe to handle or
unsuitable for the collection. Such wastes include:
• Large quantities of unlmown materials
• Radioactive waste, including smoke detectors
• Explosives, gun powder, :flares, ammunition
• Unstable wastes
• Pressurized fire extinguishers
• Unknown gas cylinders
• · Substances regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency
• No Medical waste
If the above listed unacceptable wastes are unintentionally received, Clean
Harbors will work wi1h the Town to provide safe disposal of the materials.
NO Latex Paint - Latex is non hazardous and can be disposed in regular trash once it is
Completely dried out.

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