MFD status update

Email from Chief Carrico –


On Monday May 18th the department returned to normal staffing levels per the contract.  The number of routine calls has dropped over the last two months, as many do not want to go to the hospital in fear of potential exposures.  Since March 22, we have had 12 exposure forms completed due to flu like symptoms calls.  Two members were tested and both were negative and we have had no lost time due to the virus.  Surprisingly, we have had an increase in oven fires which is due to the increase in homeowners being at home due to the virus.


On March 1st, we began a special study at the request of the Fire Marshal.  The special study looks at the impact of COVID-19 and all emergency responses.  The data is based on entries into the department’s National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) software. The breakdown is as follows:


Study                                #Studies    Percentage

COVID-19 Suspected          15             4.64%

COVID-19 Confirmed            2              0.62%

COVID-19 Not a factor       239           73.74%

Unknown                                67             20.74%


On Thursday May 21, our inspectional program resumed on a limited basis.  Inspections will not be conducted in any residence with occupants experiencing flu like symptoms.


We have been providing birthday drive-bys with Engine 2 over the last several weeks.  Several members of the department have volunteered and we have not used on-duty staff.


The Fire Cadet Program started the end of January and was cut short due to the pandemic.  High School seniors Liam Frazier and Jocelyn O’Toole participated in the program which lasted 6 weeks.  Unfortunately, it was cut short before it could be completed.


William C. Carrico II

Fire Chief/EMD

Medfield Fire

112 North Street

Medfield, MA 02052

(O) 508-359-2323 Ext 3186

(C) 508-498-3570

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