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TOTAL MODERATOR (vote for one) Scott F. McDermott 534 Others 2 Blanks 70 SELECTMAN (vote for one) Gustave H. Murby 489 Others 3 Blanks 114 ASSESSORS (vote for one) Kenneth L. Manning 513 Others 0 Blanks 93 SCHOOL COMMITIEE (vote for not more than two) Anna Mae O'Shea Brooke 525 Jessica M. Reilly 507 Christine M. Mccue- Potts (write-in) 21 Others 3 Blanks 156 LIBRARY TRUSTEE (vote for not more than two) Lauren C. Feeney 510 Jennifer Shaw Cronin 504 Others 0 Blanks 198 PLANNING BOARD (vote for one) James A. Brand 497 Others 0 Blanks 109 PARK COMMISSIONER (vote for not more than two) Kirsten E. Young 510 Michael T. Parks 507 Others 0 Blanks 195 HOUSING AUTHORITY (vote for one) Robert Canavan 507 Others 0 Blanks 99 TRUST FUND COMMISSIONER (vote for one) Georgia K. Colivas (write-in) 8 Eric D. Lussier 5 Others 46 Blanks 547

Statistics May 4, 2020 Annual Town Election Town of Medfield Registered Voters 8859 Total Vote Cast 606 Percentage 6.8% The Town Clerk announced the results at 8:32 pm. At the Town Election, May 4, 2020, Medfield had the following number of Early and Absentee Ballots. Applications received 599 Ballots Cast 458 Ballots not returned 141 The Ballots were put through the Ballot Box and they were counted with the ballots cast on Election Day. For this election and this election only, all precincts were consolidated. =- Interim Town Clerk

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