$117K more for Medfield is Gov’s budget

Per Governor’s proposed budget, the Town of Medfield gets about an additional $117,000 –


FY2021 Preliminary Cherry Sheet Estimates
PROGRAM FY2020 Cherry Sheet Estimate FY2021 Governor’s Budget Proposal FY2021 House Budget Proposal FY2021 Senate Budget Proposal FY2021 Conference Committee
Education Receipts:
Chapter 70 6,288,744 6,364,134
School Transportation 0 0
Charter Tuition Reimbursement 0 0
Smart Growth School Reimbursement 0 0
Offset Receipts:
School Choice Receiving Tuition 0 0
Sub-Total, All Education Items: 6,288,744 6,364,134
General Government:
Unrestricted Gen Gov’t Aid 1,539,280 1,582,380
Local Share of Racing Taxes 0 0
Regional Public Libraries 0 0
Veterans Benefits 17,234 15,769
Exemp: VBS and Elderly 42,087 42,628
State Owned Land 47,799 47,544
Offset Receipts:
Public Libraries 17,504 17,373
Sub-Total, All General Government: 1,663,904 1,705,694
Total Estimated Reciepts: 7,952,648 8,069,828

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