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Email today from the Townwide Master Planning  Committee (copy at the end below) sharing results of its forum and survey, and I inserted examples of the Committee’s use and promotion of “#medfieldspecialplaces” (including one person’s attempt at doing a selfie) – extra points to anyone knowing whose dog it is, or where the train engine is located.



#medfieldspecialplaces – Straw Hat Park is a great addition to the vibrancy of our downtown – who knew that such a small place could make such a big impact!



Happy New Year and THANK YOU for your participation in the Townwide Master Planning Committee’s “Community Conversation” either in person at the October 20th forum at Blake Middle School or online via the follow-up online survey. Your input will result in a Vision and Goals document which will form the foundation for the master plan. The summary report is HERE and the online survey responses are HERE.


The Townwide Master Planning Committee and consultant team are performing an enumeration of existing resources which will result in an Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions of the Town’s resources. We’ll reach back out in advance of the next public meeting (approx. late winter/early spring). Let us know if you have any questions or comments by using THIS form.
Townwide Master Planning Committee (TWMPC)
Jay Duncan, Chair

Teresa James
Jessica Reilly
Mary McCarthy
Tom Erb
Roberta Lynch
Kevin Ryder
William Harvey
Michael Pastore
Jerry Potts
Philip Stashenko
Laurel Scotti
Sean Kay
Cynthia Greene
Matt Triest
Osler L. Peterson
Sarah Raposa, Town Planner
Kristine Trierweiler, Town Administrator


Medfield Hashtag Project: #MedfieldSpecialPlaces
Share a selfie at one of your favorite places and say why.
Don’t forget to use: #MedfieldSpecialPlaces so we can all see!



Sarah Raposa, AICP

Town Planner
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA  02052
(508) 906-3027

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