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Rubber Chip Seal is a preventative maintenance method used to extend the life of a roadway and is part of the roadway toolbox in the Town of Medfield’s Pavement Management System. Although rather inexpensive in relation to roadway reconstruction, the rubber chip seal method installs an aggregate that begins as a course riding surface that will smooth out within months. The “chips” that are laid down will adhere to the applied emulsion and the excess can be swept completely within minutes after installation. This method of roadway rehab will assist us in funding more construction projects to continue improving our infrastructure and extend the useful life of the roadway M E D F I E L D D E P A R T M E N T O F P U B L I C W O R K S ** The DPW presents “THE WORKS”, a quarterly newsletter to inform the residents of Medfield on the happenings of their Public Works Department including updates on projects, current events, and upcoming developments ** Sidewalk Rehabilitation Highway Projects 1 Water Maintenance 1 Wastewater Maintenance 2 Special Event 2 Employee Spotlight 2 DPW Safety Tips 2 Inside this issue: The Works M E D F I E L D D P W ’ S Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R Volume 1, Issue 5 October 2019 Rubber Chip Seal Roadway HIGHWAY PROJECTS: Causeway Street Resurfacing by means of Rubber Chip Seal Highway Division of the DPW conducting Sidewalk Rehabilitation on a section of Main Street WATER MAINTENANCE: Hydrant Flushing Hydrant Flushing was conducted in late Sept. into early Oct. Our crews worked overnight for these two weeks so that vehicle traffic, schools and work schedules were not affected. This is a very important step in our maintenance schedule to provide the Town with clean drinking water and extend the life of our water main infrastructure.. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5 Page 2 Employee Spotlight Wastewater Treatment Plant—Parkson DynaSand Filtration System DPW SAFETY TIPS The Wastewater Treatment Plant personnel performed a large scale rehabilitation/ maintenance project over the summer months. The Parkson DynaSand Filtration System needed to be repaired with approximately 300 tons of specific quality grade sand replaced (picture to the left shows bags of the specialized treatment sand) With the completion of this needed operation, the Wastewater Treatment facility showed tremendous improvement in their regulatory compliance measures for water quality. The sand replacement required the use of the DPW’s large front end loader (seen at the bottom left of the picture) to lift each bag to be emptied into place. DID YOU KNOW? (Winter Safety Tips)  Keeping your hands in your pockets increases the risk of you falling or completely losing your balance in case you slip while walking on ice or snow.  With your fingers touching each other inside mittens, they generate more body heat than when they’re inside gloves. Meet Bill Donovan, Assistant Chief Operator of the Medfield Wastewater Treatment Facility. Bill is a 33 year veteran of the department who has earned a Grade 7 Mass Wastewater License from his tenure in the field. He is also a military veteran serving in the Navy and being recalled in the early 90’s to Active Duty in Desert Shield/ Storm. Along with working with the Department of Public Works, he has spent 32 years as an oncall Firefighter with the Town and obtained E.M.T. status from 1996-2011. He has been a leader in the wastewater industry for many years and an integral part of the wastewater treatment operation for the town. On September 25, 2019, the DPW hosted the NBM annual mechanic’s workshop for the second straight year. There were 100 mechanics from across the state in attendance. This annual event will most likely be held in our DPW facility again as we are centered geographically in the NBM area. Many vendors conducted presentations of new technology and methods that benefit all of these municipal mechanics. Lunch was also provided by the NBM Association including pulled-pork, corn bread sausage sandwiches and baked beans. For more information or have questions, please contact our main office at (508) 906-3003 or visit our town website @ WASTEWATER MAINTENANCE: Norfolk Bristol Middlesex (NBM) Highway Association Mechanic’s Workshop SPECIAL EVENT:20191119-The Works October 2019_Page_2

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