Fire in firetruck

I was told at New ‘N Towne’s Ttouch a Truck event this morning that the firetruck that had the fire was a vintage 1980’s engine.

MFD 20190503

Chief Carrico states in an email received yesterday:

Specialty Vehicles is loaning us a 1989 Pierce Lancer with a 1500 gal pump and 1000 gal tank for $1.  The only requirement is we have to carry a min. of $10,000 of insurance coverage and register it as a Medfield Vehicle.




Phone: 508-359-2323  •  Fax: 508-359-2212

William C. Carrico II, Fire Chief



May 02, 2019

From: Fire Chief William Carrico

This morning at approximately 0945 hours, while performing truck checks at the fire station, an electrical fire started in the cab of Engine 3.  There is moderate damage to the cabs electrical system and the only way we could kill the power to the cab was to disconnect the batteries.  We are working with Specialty Vehicles of Plainville to find a temporary replacement for the engine.

2 responses to “Fire in firetruck

  1. It is important to know that the damaged engine was 35-years old! Also, the last engine purchased for the town was 10-years ago. So when the chief requests funding for a replacement engine, the article should receive full support.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      I am impressed at how many years the town gets out of both the firetrucks and the large Mack trucks the DPW buys.


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