Steve & Marie Zack Nolan – MFi Lifetime Achievement Award

Marie and Steve Nolan

MFi Salutes Stephen Nolan and Marie Zack Nolan – Lifetime Achievement Award!

Medfield Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award – Stephen Nolan and Marie Zack Nolan.  Through the nomination provided by colleagues Sarah Raposa, Martha Moon, Cynthia Greene, Margaret Bancroft and Lucy Masters, it is clear that Steve and Marie exemplify the qualities MFi values:  dedicated volunteerism driven to provide a meaningful impact in the town of Medfield.

A quote from their nominators: “If Marie and Steve Nolan had not moved to Medfield in the mid-1980s our town would feel, look, and be organized in detrimentally different ways so that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant community that exists today.”  These two dedicated citizens of Medfield have been donating their time and talents since the day they moved to town!  Some of their highlights include:

  • Medfield Warrant Committee
  • Geographic Information System
  • Medfield Affordable Housing Committee
  • Conservation Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Medfield Energy Committee
  • Historic District Commission
  • Open Space Committee
  • State Hospital Negotiating Committee
  • Council on Arts
  • State Hospital Master Planning Committee
  • Medfield Arts Lottery Council
  • And much more!

This “highly dedicated and energetic couple” have spent so much of their time making Medfield a welcoming, comfortable, beautiful and energy conscious town.  Their efforts also extended into the Public School system, assisting in the classroom as well as many different extra-curriculars: sports, theater, film club, just to name a few.

As leaders in the community, the town has benefited from “their insight, intelligence, expertise, commitment, and – not the least – good humor!”  Whether it be Marie’s leadership in helping to reduce Medfield’s energy costs by nearly $600K, or Steve’s tireless efforts in managing the many different and emotional perspectives relating to the Affordable Housing discussions in Medfield, it is clear that these two conscientious citizens have made a tremendous impact on our town.

With the overwhelming support of their community, we welcome Stephen and Marie Nolan into the ranks of Lifetime Achievement Award winners.  Congratulations!!!

Please join us on March 31, from 3pm to 5pm at the Center in Medfield to honor all of this year’s very special Volunteers!


The Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards are made possible by the generous sponsorship of Roche Brothers and Brothers Marketplace.



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