BoS 3/12 – materials

My email with the materials for the meeting tonight never got to me.  Today I went looking for those materials, and have made them available here 20190312-materials

TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE I POSTED: ,.LC fXJlW TOWN CLERK : Ui1ti uF MEDF IELD. MASS l U 19 MAR - 8 P 12: 2 3 POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 SECTION 23A AS AMENDED. r! FF ICE OF THE Board of Selectmen T!llfj jl,l CL f Rl~ Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town House, Chenery Meeting Room, 211 d floor Tuesday March 12, 2019, 7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 7:00 PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Citizen Comment Appointments Maurice Goulet, Discuss Vine Lake Cemetery Fees and Medfield Transfer Station Sticker Fee Mel Seibolt, Police Chief Search Committee Update Action Items Vote to sign March 25, 2019 Town Election Warrant Vote to sign the FEMA Reimbursement Forms and Contracts for March 2018 Winter Storm Vote to accept the new Health Insurance Rates from MIIA Health Benefits Trust Vote to sign First Amendment to Lease Agreement between the Town of Medfield and Verizon and Transformer License on property between Medfield and NStar Electric related to communications equipment on Medfield State Hospital Water Tower Request from Sarah Raposa, Town Planner, to sign Mass Development Real Estate Technical Assistance Application for Medfield State Hospital Request from Mr. Anthony DeLapa to forgive outstanding taxes in the amount of $83,907 and accept the offer to convey the parcels to the Conservation Commission Request from Route 495 Partnership for $500 Annual municipal contribution COA recommends that the Selectmen vote to appoint Katie Robinson to the vacant COA Board Seat Request from the Medfield Garden Club to receive financial support from the Local Meals Tax for maintenance and planting of municipal sites Request from Jayson Hreczuck to be appointed to the Safety Committee Ongoing FY2020 Budget Review and Discussion Town Finance Discussion Discussion of Proposed Budget Cuts Discussion of COLA Discussion and possible vote on the Building Capital Stabilization Fund Vote to approve preliminary Town Budgets Discussion Town Meeting Warrant Structure of Budget Articles Warrant Articles ' ~-l .. 1.::;, ~::.i - :-1 .-c:, .... . ;-; ("~j ·~-~ .. r1·i ::-) . ·-- C ) "1'] . .,, ::o ~ ,...._, ('.;:=::;, .. ~ :t;=-.. ::0 I ro u X·~: .•. c -r1 ::i ::r. .. ,..,., c-: c::i r-r. -r1 - - · ·>:;· rrr-i f-T.l :;1'~ ~ -- %: p Licenses and Permits (consent agenda) ~ ~ Russ Hallisey, Chair MEMO Summer Concert Series requests permission to hold the events June 13 through August 15, with the exception of Thursday July 4, at the Town Gazebo and permission to hang the banner across Main Street promoting the series. Permission to also requested to hold the annual Medfield Day on Saturday September 14, 2019 and in conjunction with the event requests a common victualler license St Edward Parish requests a one-day wine and malt beverage permit for event to be held Friday March 29, 2019 At the Parish Hall Medfield Music Association requests permission to place signs advertising two events: Friday March 29, A Cappella Night with Medfield High School Jazz Choir; Friday March 26, 2019 Jazz Night Medfield High School Baseball and Softball teams requests permission to hold a car wash behind Town Hall on Saturday May 5, 2019 9AM to 1 PM Pending Town Administrator Goals Town Administrator Update Town Hall Hours Town Hall/Library AED Review Board of Selectmen Action List Selectmen Report Informational • Invitation to Tri County Annual Breakfast Meeting20190312_Page_2


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