Townwide Master Planning Committee


Townwide Master Planning Committee
Committee Members

Member                            Representing 

Teresa James                    Planning Board
Jessica Reilly                     School Committee
Mary McCarthy                Conservation Commission
Tom Erb                             Permanent Planning and Building
Roberta Lynch                  Council on Aging
Kevin Ryder                      Park and Recreation
William Harvey               Water and Sewer Board
Michael Pastore               Warrant Committee
Jay Duncan, Chair            Citizen at Large
Jerry Potts                          Citizen at Large
Philip Stashenko               Citizen at Large
Laurel Scotti                      Citizen at Large
Sean Kay                             Citizen at Large
Cynthia Greene                 Citizen at Large
Matt Triest                          Citizen at Large
Osler L. Peterson               Board of Selectmen
Sarah Raposa, Ex Officio  Town Planner
Kristine Trierweiler, Ex Officio  Town Administrator

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