Mayor corrects election post

Colleen Sullivan (Patch Mayor) corrected my election post (Thanks Colleen!) –

see below:



  1. Colleen Sullivan 

    Hi Pete,Unfortunately, what you posted here “If I am interpreting Carol’s red check marks correctly, it looks like the whole School Committee, the whole Medfield Park & Recreation Commission, and all the Library Trustees are up for election.” (regarding Carol’s red check marks) is not correct…. I called Carol and I will be posting the brief descriptions of the following positions (which are the only ones up for election on March 25th. – Town Moderator (1 seat) – Board of Selectmen (1 seat) – Assessors (1 seat) – School Committee (2 seats) – Library Trustee (2 seats) – Planning Board (1 seat) – Park Commissioner (2 seats) – Trust Fund Commissioner (1 seat) Sending this along in case you want to modify what you posted so there is no confusion….. Best,Colleen

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