Warrant Committee appointments

November 20, 2018 Carol Mayer, Town Clerk Town of Medfield Medfield MA 02052 Re: Appointments to the Warrant Committee Dear Ms. Mayer: I am very pleased to confirm the following appointments  Robert Sliney to the Warrant Committee of the Town of Medfield. Bob will succeed Thomas Marie for a term expiring in 2021.  Amanda Hall to the Warrant Committee of the Town of Medfield. Amanda will succeed Abby Marble for a term expiring in 2019.  Kristine Barton to the Warrant Committee of the Town of Medfield. Kristine will succeed Thomas Mulvoy for a term expiring in 2019. The following represents the current composition of our committee as it prepares to address the laws, business, and policies of the town: Amanda Hall of 305 North Street [term expires 2019] Kristine Barton of 3 Jefferson Way [term expires 2019] Joanna Hilvert of 14 Pueblo Road [term expires 2019] Jeremy Marsette of 62 Colonial Road [term expires 2020] Sharon Kingsley Tatro of 12 West Street [term expires 2020] Michael E. Pastore of 6 Liberty Road [term expires 2020] John E. (Jack) Wolfe of 17 Harding Street [term expires 2021] Newton H. Thompson of 5 Evergreen Way [term expires 2021] Robert Sliney of 6 Overfield Drive [term expires 2021] On behalf of the town, I thank Tom Marie, Abby Marble, and Tom Mulvoy for their excellent service and deep commitment to Medfield. As always, thank you for your consideration. Very truly yours, Scott F. McDermott Scott F. McDermott cc: Town Administrator Board of Selectman Warrant Committee TOWN OF MEDFIELD Scott F. McDermott Town Moderator

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