ATM will be first Monday of May starting 2020

The annual town meeting (ATM) will change from the last Monday in April to the first Monday in May, starting in 2020, per the special town meeting (STM) vote, which has been approved already by the Attorney General’s office (copy attached below).

THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS DIVISION 10MECHANIC STREET, SUITE 301 WORCESTER,MA01608 (508) 792-7600 (508) 795-1991 fax October 31, 2018 Board of Selectmen Town of Medfield 459 Main Street Medfield, MA 02052 RE: Medfield Special Town Meeting of October 29, 2018 - Case # 9180 Warrant Article # 9 (Charter Amendment) Dear Board of Selectmen Members: Article 9 - Pursuant to the provisions of General Laws Chapter 43B, Section 10, this Office has reviewed the proposed charter amendment vote taken under Article 9 at the October 29, 2018, Special Town Meeting. Chapter 43B, Section 10 (c), requires the Attorney General to furnish “a written opinion setting forth any conflict between the proposed amendment and the constitution and laws of the commonwealth.” We do not find any conflict between the charter amendment vote adopted under Article 9 and the Constitution or laws of the Commonwealth (“state law”). Our review is confined to the proposed charter amendment reflected in Article 9 and submitted to us for review and does not include a review of the existing text in the Town’s charter. The Town should consult with Town Counsel to ensure compliance with the charter amendment procedures established under G.L. c. 43B, §§ 11 and 12, including the filing requirements for approved charter amendments which states in relevant part: Section 12. Certificates in quadruplicate shall be prepared setting forth any charter that has been adopted or revised and any charter amendments approved and shall be signed by the city or town clerk. One such certificate shall be deposited in the office of the state secretary and shall be kept under the custody of the archivist of the commonwealth, one shall be deposited in the office of the director of housing and community development, one shall be deposited in the office of the attorney general and the other shall be recorded in the records of the city or town and deposited in its archives. 2 Very truly yours, MAURA HEALEY ATTORNEY GENERAL Kelli E. Gunagan By: Kelli E. Gunagan Assistant Attorney General Municipal Law Unit 10 Mechanic Street, Suite 301 Worcester, MA 01608 (508) 792-7600 cc: Town Counsel Mark G. Cerel Town Clerk Carol Mayer20181031-AG-ltr from-Medfield9180SCharterAmendments_app (002)_Page_2

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