STM votes – 2nd posting – with all the pages

This is a PDF of Carol Mayer’s posting this morning – 20181029-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018, and below are JPG’s of it –


20181019-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018_Page_220181019-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018_Page_320181019-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018_Page_520181019-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018_Page_620181019-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018_Page_720181019-STM VOTES Oct 29 2018_Page_8

One response to “STM votes – 2nd posting – with all the pages

  1. Hi Pete – thanks for posting these. I can see your emails fine but cannot click through to the blog. I’ve tried on both mobile & desktop. This is what I see:

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