STM Monday at 7:30PM

From Town Moderator, Scott McDermott this afternoon –

October 27, 2018 Hello Neighbors and Friends: I am writing to encourage you to attend our SPECIAL TOWN MEETING on Monday evening at 7:30pm at the Amos Clark Kingsbury High School gymnasium. The Town Meeting serves as the legislative branch of our town government. We have an Open Town Meeting – every registered voter has the right and privilege to attend, participate, and vote. It is quite a powerful opportunity to address, and have a direct hand in, the future direction of Medfield. Our Board of Selectmen called the Special Town Meeting to consider a series of important initiatives:  Lee Chapel at former MSH. Authorize the Board of Selectmen to lease a portion of former MSH including Lee Chapel and infirmary with surrounding land for up to 99 years for purpose of developing and operating an arts and cultural center  Senior Housing. Amend our zoning code to create Senior Housing Residential Development Overlay District and authorize the Board of Selectmen to dispose of by sale or lease a certain parcel of land on 5.48 acres to a private developer to construct affordable/moderately priced residential housing for seniors  Town Charter Changes. Amend the Town Charter to change from an elected Town Clerk to an appointed Town Clerk and to further amend the Town Charter to change the date of Annual Town Meeting from the last Monday in April to the first Monday in May  The Center at Medfield. Appropriate funds to open the CENTER on Saturdays through June 2019 and pay for staffing, operating expenses, programming, meals, utilities, and associated costs  Town Water Supply. Transfer a sum of money from the balance of the Iron/Manganese project funding voted at April’s Annual Town Meeting for the purpose of studying and/or implementing the reduction of unaccounted for water in Town's water supply On the Town’s website, there is an excellent summary of the Warrant, including the recommendations of the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant Committee, and pertinent explanatory handouts: We have a quorum requirement of 250 voters to act on the articles of the Warrant. It is sometimes not easy to gain a quorum for a Special Town Meeting – particularly at a busy time of year (and with Patriots on MNF!) With an eye on due process and appropriate legislative consideration, we will move with all reasonable expedience on the articles before us. It should not be an exceptionally long evening Please come. Bring a friend. And please forward this communication to your friends and neighbors. There is a lot going on in Medfield – this is an important time for your involvement in town affairs and an important evening for you to vote as a member of our legislature and as a believer in the virtues of participatory democracy. We continue to showcase our talented student musicians – a high school string quartet will welcome you to the meeting from 7:00-7:30pm. I look forward to seeing you on Monday night. Very truly yours, Scott TOWN OF MEDFIELD Scott F. McDermott Town Moderator

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