BoS 9/18


Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2018

Chenery Meeting Room                            draft


PRESENT:  Selectmen Marcucci, Murby, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke; Absent Town Counsel Cerel


Chairman Marcucci called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced the meeting is being recorded.  The Chairman asked for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world


Representative Shawn Dooley will hold office hour on Wednesday September 26, 2018

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the Warrant Room, first floor



Public Hearing on application to solicit; Luken Weaver representing Revise Energy

Mr. Luken said that he is canvass manager for Revise Energy, a MASS Save Provider.  We canvass neighborhoods to let residents know about our service, which is to conduct an energy audit/assessment regarding updating heating and electrical products that will help reduce energy and save money.  We let residents know our availability and if interested will schedule an appointment. He has been working for Revise Energy since December of last year and this is his first time requesting a permit to solicit in Medfield.  His request is for three months, starting at about 10 AM to sundown.


Vote:  On a motion made by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was

voted unanimously to authorize Revise Energy solicit for a three month period to operate,

September 19 to December 19, starting at 10:00 AM to sundown offering an energy

conservation audit


Mr. Weaver was advised to have his crew check in with the Police Department each day.



Residents Tricia and Steven Cook, 94 Adams Street

Mrs. Cook thanked the Selectmen for allowing her to speak tonight about neighborhood concerns regarding the proposed housing project at 96 Adams Street.  She said that the developer has held informational meetings with the abutters and at the meeting we gave him a list of our concerns.  She has put together a packet of information for the Board to review.  One of the main concerns is disturbing the ecology of the back land and the vernal pool, which has state GIS certification.

Lauren Harrington, 90 Adams Street is concerned with the fact that the developer indicated the project will be affordable to seniors and he will sell units for about $600,000 or more.  This price is not attractive to seniors when it has shown in the recent senior housing survey that affordable would be $350,000 to $450,000.  If units are not sold will they become rentals.

Ms. Harrington remarked that the project has one egress and hopes that both the Fire Chief and Police Chief will have an opportunity to review this proposal.

John Harrington is concerned that there are a lot of buildings in a small area that will make it a challenge for traffic to go through.  Right now there is no adherence to speed limits.  The intersection of Adams Street and West Street is already a dangerous intersection.

Selectman Peterson asked Mrs. Cook to indicate on the map the proposed building area and the vernal pool.  Mrs. Cook said that the impact of this very dense project in a small area is very concerning.  She asked what the next steps will be.  Chairman Marcucci replied that the developers will request to come before us for our review, it will be a policy decision; project will then go to the Zoning Board.  The Selectmen thanked the residents for coming tonight.  Mr. Marcucci said that we added Citizen Comment to our agenda about a year ago and you are the very first to speak under Citizen Comment.  We appreciate very much having you here this evening.



Main Street traffic lights, traffic enforcement and Election Day coverage

Interim Police Chief John Wilhelmi remarked that in early July we had a serious storm and lightning caused a direct hit on the three traffic lights on Main Street.  Central Mass Signal did a partial repair and put in three controller boards that they have loaned to us.  The cost for this work was $30,980.00.  Chief Wilhelmi continued saying that MIIA insurance will pay $24,000.  A total repair of the 4-5 year old lights will be $37,379 so we will pay $13,379.  Should we decide to put in all new equipment that cost is $46,762 that includes the 30,980; cost to us is $22,000.  Going with new equipment the lights will have a warranty. He recommends that the lights be replaced with new equipment.  However, he is looking to the Selectmen for help as his budget will not be able to absorb this amount. Mr. Sullivan suggests that we have our Representatives come in to request their help with funding. Ms. Trierweiler remarked that as the equipment is on loan to us, the time may come quickly that we need to return it for another town’s problem.

We will need to request a reserve fund transfer.  Mr. Murby remarked that at this early time in the budget year a reserve fund transfer is not a good option.   Ms. Trierweiler responded that the police budget has a line item of $16,500 that we will use and pull the remaining from other lines in the budget.  The Board agrees to replace with new equipment is the best option.


Vote:  On a motion made by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was

voted unanimously to approve the repair of traffic lights struck by lightning and replace

with new equipment, with the understanding you have come in with a request for

additional funds, asking you to do what you can and we will deal with a reserve fund

transfer later, if needed


Holiday Stroll Expenses

Ms. Trierweiler said that in 2017 the area for the Holiday Stroll was expanded about 258 feet;  barriers were used to make it a safer event.  This year it has been suggested to expand a little more.  The Selectmen paid for the barriers last year.  Chairman Marcucci agrees with the expansion saying that it is a great event getting so many people to come out and enjoy.  He queried what the added coverage would cost.  Chief Wilhelmi responded that he talked with the vendor who supplied the barriers last year and vendor related that it should be no more than $1,000; cost per barrier is $42.00.  Chief Wilhelmi offered to do some measuring for the additional expansion if it will help determine the cost.  It was then agreed as the expansion is a good thing for the event; put in place a not to exceed amount of $3,000.00


Vote:  On a motion made by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was

voted unanimously to approve 2018 Holiday Stroll funding support from the Economic

Improvement Budget not to exceed $3,000.00, defined once the expansion is determined


Traffic Enforcement

Chief Wilhelmi reported to the Selectmen that citations are up 25% since last year; actually in August there was a 145% increase.  He continued saying that the radar trailer is being placed in areas around Town and people do slow down when they see their speed on the screen.  The officers are doing a great job with traffic enforcement.  Mr. Marcucci said that of all the comments I hear from residents, speeding on side streets or in general is the most common issue.  Discussion ensued regarding the painting of lines on the streets.  Right now a three week project turned into two months and still is not completed.  Chief Wilhelmi said that I feel we should not use this vendor again.  DPW Director Maurice Goulet said that through the years I have dealt with several companies and they are all the same just working with their own schedules; it’s a difficult process.  He did agree this time the company we used dropped the ball.


Election Day Coverage at the Polls

Selectman Marcucci said to Chief Wilhelmi that when he went to vote on Primary Day a police officer was not present; an officer should have been there.  Chief Wilhelmi said that Carol called for an officer for Primary Day.  Unfortunately we did not have someone available; however, an officer was there from 3:00 PM until closing.  Typically a police officer or constable should be there.  We did meet the letter of the law as Carol is an election constable, not ideal.  Mr. Marcucci questioned “will it be rectified for Election Day in November to oversee the ballot boxes for the entire day”.  Chief Wilhelmi responded with a definite yes, a police officer will be there 6AM to 8PM; even if someone has to be pulled from a shift.


Mr. Peterson queried is it necessary to have a police officer at the Transfer Station; perhaps we could have a less expensive solution.  Mr. Goulet said that a lot of times people get irate especially on Saturdays.  Definitely a police officer should be there as it could make for a difficult situation having DPW employees handle any issue that may come up.   Maurice went on to say that if possible an officer be at the Transfer Station on a Wednesday or Friday just so people do not take advantage on those days, just to shake it up.


Selectman Peterson brought up the parking on Upham Road.  Chief Meaney was looking into a different parking plan.  Chief Wilhelmi said “no current plan to change the parking setup at this time.”  Mr. Sullivan thought that the Upham House asked CVS to possibly use their spaces in the back lot and CVS said no.  No one had further comments.



Fire Chief William Carrico

The Fire Chief stated that he has three documents that need signatures; Ambulance Service Affiliation Agreement with Norwood Hospital, Emergency Medical Services QA/QI Program and Ambulance Services Medical Director Services.  He described what each agreement included highlighting that as an ALS ambulance service town we must work under a doctor’s license; in this case it will be Dr. Michael Valkanas.  Some of his responsibilities include overseeing EMT’s and Paramedics that they follow policies to provide good emergency medical services, attend annually two continuing education classes and recommend additional training sessions.  This comes at a cost of $10,000 per year to be paid in monthly installments.  The Emergency Medical Services QA/QI Program is critical as it addresses that each responder will continually strive for self-improvement and gives us an avenue to achieve these disciplines.  Selectman Murby remarked that as he reviewed each agreement he concurs that Chairman Marcucci sign two of the three contracts. However, as he read through the QA/QI he feels that Fire Chief Carrico should sign the document.


Vote:  On a motion made by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was

voted unanimously to authorize Chairman Marcucci to sign the Ambulance Service

Affiliation Agreement with Norwood Hospital, and to sign the Ambulance Services Medical

Director Services Agreement and further authorize Fire Chief William Carrico to sign the

Emergency Medical Services QA/QI Program Agreement


MS4 Storm Water Permit

DPW Director Maurice Goulet explained to the Board that he has completed the Notice of Intent to comply with the MS4 Storm Water Permit, actually permit is for 2016, effective July 1, 2018.  Completing the NOI is a requirement by EPA and must be submitted by October 1, 2018.  He continued saying that Medfield is really ahead of the curve as DPW does a lot of the required work ourselves, that helps save the Town money.  There are a number of towns that have not completed projects and are behind. The objective for this permit is to be sure the storm water stays clean. EPA has reviewed our documents and Medfield is in good shape.  Mr. Goulet requests the Selectmen vote to authorize Town Administrator Sullivan to sign the Notice of Intent.


Vote:  Selectman Murby made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson authorizing

Town Administrator Michael Sullivan to sign the Notice of Intent for coverage under Small

MS-4 General Permit.  Unanimous vote


DHCD Eligible Purchaser Certificate

Ms. Trierweiler explained that the Allendale House at 9 Thomas Clewes Road was recently sold; the closing took place about three weeks ago.  Unfortunately DHCD did not provide the certificate to the attorney in time for the closing date.  However, the certificate wasn’t a necessary document for the closing, but it does need to be recorded.  Ms. Trierweiler requested Chairman Marcucci to sign the document as the Town’s CEO.  The house sold for $290,800.00.


Vote:  On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to authorize Chairman

Marcucci to sign the DHCD Eligible Purchaser Certificate for the property at 9 Thomas

Clewes Road


Committee Appointments


Vote:  On a motion made by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was

voted unanimously to appoint Jared Spinelli as Associate Member of the Zoning Board

of Appeals and as recommended by the ZBA


Vote:  On a motion made by Selectman Murby and seconded by Selectman Peterson

it was voted unanimously to appoint Randall Karg as a member of the Board of Water

and Sewerage


Mr. Murby noted that Nancy Schemer as a member of the Lyme Disease Study Committee her role was primarily education; she has requested not to be appointed to the Wildlife Management Committee.  However, as we have not received her resignation letter, Mr. Murby will contact Chris Kaldy to be certain Nancy is no longer interested and indeed resigned.



Special Town Meeting

Ms. Trierweiler explained to the Board that she had conversation with Town Meeting Moderator Scott McDermott who proposes that the date of Annual Town Meeting be changed to the first Monday in May and if the meeting needs to be continued, to the first Tuesday in May.  The new date will give extra time for informational sessions to educate the residents regarding the warrant articles.  As it would be a change to the Town Charter, an article on the October Special Town Meeting is necessary.   Also, Town Moderator would like to have an earlier start time 7PM instead of 7:30.  As there is nothing in the Town Charter regarding the time, the October Special Town Meeting may begin at 7 PM.


Chairman Marcucci would like to see the date of the Town Election be changed to either well before Annual Town Meeting or after.  It would allow newly elected members of committees/

boards and perhaps a new Selectman time to become familiar with warrant articles and procedures. Further discussion is needed.


Selectman Murby remarked that we all received an email from Richard DeSorgher about the Leighton family land.  Originally, Barbara did not want the publicity of the family name on the property.  Barbara, who recently celebrated her 100 birthday now would like to have a sign posted with the family name.   Does this need to be on the October Warrant?  Kristine will research.


As Selectman Murby is not available on October 22, the Board agreed to change the date for the Special Town Meeting from October 22 to October 29.



Town Goals

Selectmen reviewed the Town Goals document and agreed to keep as a goal “identify 1 parcel of land not town-owned, even if zoned residential, that could be commercially developed” and remove tree planting in front of Post office to the to do list instead


Vote:  Move to accept Town Goals as revised with the two changes discussed this evening

Unanimous vote


Licenses and Permits (Consent Agenda)

Granted as noted by the Chair:

Medfield Youth Lacrosse permission to post signs announcing spring registration

Medfield Lions Club permission to post signs announcing their Annual Chowder Fest on

November 3; additionally permission to use the Town’s VSM sign at the Transfer Station to

promote the event

Medfield Garden Club permission to place signs announcing their December 1, 2018 Holiday

Home Sale

Neighbors on Pederzini Drive and Boyden Road permission to hold their annual Block Party

Sunday September 30, 2018


Meeting Minutes

Voted unanimously to accept the minutes of June 26, 2018 with edits submitted by

Selectmen Marcucci and Murby

Voted unanimously to approve the minutes of August 21 as corrected

Voted unanimously to approve the minutes of September 4, 2018 with edits


Defer the minutes of August 14, 2018 until the next meeting


Board of Selectmen Action List

Ms. Trierweiler prepared an excel spreadsheet for the Board listing items to be considered for future meetings; Selectmen appreciate her tackling the project.  Mr. Murby has several changes that he will incorporate into the list and at a future meeting the Board will review and comment.  The Selectmen agree that they do not want to micromanage Town Departments, however, departments should be held accountable and complete projects where indicated and in a timely fashion.


Selectmen Report

Selectman Peterson said that he had conversation with Matt McCormick about having a group look at the downtown area for ideas to move forward as the Downtown Study Committee disbanded.  Matt expressed his interest in being a part of the group.   Mr. Peterson announced that the Medfield Foundation has developed a legacy fund that will be engaged with giving grant awards.  Mr. Peterson reported that on September 26 a film will be shown entitled “Suicide the Ripple Effect.”  He encourages residents to attend the showing; cost $5.00 per person.


Selectman Murby remarked that Medfield Day was fun, great weather.  He reported that the MSH Development Committee held their first meeting last night and discussed the schedule for the RFI.  The committee modified the date of issuance of the RFI to October 4.  They have garnered a list of large scale developers for the mailing and will request that responses are due November 20, a six week window.  The committee continues to target December 18 to incorporate recommended reasons into the hospital master plan.

Mr. Murby reviewed some preliminary results of the Senior Housing Survey.  He said that Barbara Gips deserves special recognition for putting together a draft of survey results, about 33 pages.  Out of 2,204 mailings there are 695 responses or about 32% and 20% of the respondents’ desire housing in the downtown area or at the state hospital site.  Another result is that 350 to 400 housing units will be needed.  Details will be presented at a future meeting.


Selectman Marcucci remarked that the owner of the Farm Street house contacted him to let him know that she is unable to sell her house.  The Water and Sewerage Board is meeting tonight and they will review the issue regarding sewerage.  Chairman Marcucci put together a schedule of meetings moving forward and remarked that at the October 2nd meeting we should complete the discussion of appointing Kristine as Town Administrator; also vote to approve the RFI.  Under informational items we have a copy of Tim Bonfatti’s resignation letter from the School Committee.  A Special Election needs to be held to vote his replacement.  Mr. Marcucci talked with school committee member Anna Mae and suggested to her that the election be held at our meeting on October 16th.   She will confirm.  Ms. Trierweiler interjected saying that as one of the Library Trustees has resigned, are the Selectmen willing to hold their election on the same night.  Library Trustees to confirm.  Mr. Marcucci went on to say that perhaps the developer and his attorney for 96 Adams Street should come to either our October 16 meeting or November 6.  The annual budget hearing with the Warrant Committee will be held on November 6.  Future Selectmen meeting dates after November 6th are November 27, December 11 and December 18.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.
















































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