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Medfield Energy Committee                      DRAFT

Meeting Notes for May 24, 2018

Attendees: Fred Davis, Jerry McCarty, Pete Peterson, Cynthia Greene and Lee Alinsky.  Three members present so there was a quorum

Fred Davis recused himself from all discussions regarding the street lights

Past agendas and meeting minutes – Marion Bonoldi at Town Hall asked for agendas for 11/2/17, 1/11/18, and 2/15/18 and meeting minutes for 10/4/17 and 12/7/17.  If you have these, please send to Lee so he can forward onto Marion.

April 19, 2018 meeting minutes accepted

Street Lights – Lee went to Millis and Marie and Cynthia went to Millis and Westwood to see their LED street lights.   In Millis the main street lights are 4,000 K and the side streets are 3,000.  We need to ask the designer what kind of fixtures and how the LEDs should be placed in the lights, parallel or perpendicular to the road.

Next Steps –

  1. Jerry will ask George Woodbury about the fixtures, bids on labor and other documentation.
  2. Jerry will ask the Police Chief what they consider the main roads and where to put the 4,000K LEDs.
  3. Jerry will meet with the Board of Selectman regarding the purchase agreement with Eversource. Jerry will get the new documentation that is needed as the last purchase agreement expired.

Green Communities

  • There is a signed contract for LED lights for the MS, HS, Memorial, Wheelock, Library and Town Hall. Installations should be done by the end of the summer. RISE submitted paperwork to Eversource for the rebate and once Eversource gives the OK we will purchase the lights.  Contract is for $130,515.  Eversource incentive $60,005, $68,281.15 from the GC grant and the Town will pay $2,285.50
  • Retrocommissioning was given the go ahead by DOER. The contracts have been signed by RISE and it has been given to Train the subcontractor, and we are waiting for a schedule.  Jerry is aiming to have this work completed by October.
  • Jerry will send the GC quarterly report to the committee before the next meeting and before he sends it to the state. If you have a comment, respond just to Jerry.
  • Lee will call Kelly Brown to find out when the next round of grants for the GC are expected to come out.

DPW Solar – Jerry is reaching out to Solar Design Associates for the design.

Board Committee Structure Policy document – The BOS is putting this into place so that each committee is formalized.  Lee sent a draft to all on 5/8/18.   The BOS want to make sure the committees are meeting and that they submit an annual report.

Next Step – Lee asked that all read and help fill in the blanks by 6/15/18.


Gas hot water heaters at the HS – had a catastrophic failure and Jerry is purchasing an energy efficient 130 gallon tank that will replace a 400 gallon tank.   We discussed tankless water heaters, but by code Jerry has to have the hot water at the tap at 110 degrees and so a tankless heater would not meet that code.


Plastic bag ban – Andy Costello is championing this for the solid waste committee and she presented to the BOS who authorized her to continue to explore the option.  Lee opened the subject up to the committee and Fred suggested we invite Andy to the MEC to explain the proposal.


Next meeting – June 21, 2018


Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm

Notes respectfully submitted by

Cynthia Greene

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