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This Medfield man wasn’t expecting to befriend Eagles fans. Then he rescued two of them in Bermuda

Paul and Anita Trenholm pose with Allen Yannone, of Medfield (center), in Bermuda after he rescued the couple from the water, where they had become stranded.
Patricia Trenholm
Paul and Anita Trenholm pose with Allen Yannone, of Medfield (center), in Bermuda after he rescued the couple from the water, where they had become stranded.

A Patriots fan from Medfield wasn’t expecting to make friends with Philadelphia Eagles fans when he went snorkeling in Bermuda last week, but he did just that after rescuing a couple from rocky waters, where they had become trapped.

Allen Yannone, 28, was on a getaway with his wife when they decided to snorkel in Church Bay last Tuesday, he said. But conditions turned out to be less than ideal.

“There was a little rain coming in and of course rip tide and current — kind of a perfect storm,” Yannone said.

After being tossed around by a few rough waves, Yannone decided to return to dry land. That’s when he heard a cry of distress.

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“I thought I heard someone yell ‘help,’ ” Yannone said by telephone Wednesday. “But I wasn’t sure if it was a person or a bird or what.”

 He found a woman, Patricia Trenholm, on the shore looking out toward the water. Trenholm told Yannone that her brother and sister-in-law had become stuck on the rocks. He snapped into action, swimming back out toward where the couple had become stranded.

“They were pretty cut up,” Yannone said. “The waves were hitting them harder than I thought.”

Yannone checked out the couple’s wounds, and found Paul Trenholm was cut badly at his knees. His wife, Anita Trenholm, also suffered cuts to her arms. Yannone said both were bleeding, but he was able to determine the wounds were not too serious to return to shore.

“I knew there was no way we could go back the way I came,” Yannone said. “It was way too rough. Once I realized they could walk, we decided to walk the rocks and go as far as we could toward the shore on the rocks before we could get back in the water and swim.”

As they made their way back to shore, Yannone engaged in friendly banter to help the couple calm down.

“I said, ‘Oh, you’re from Philly, so you must be Eagles fans,’ ” and they said, ‘Yes,’ ” Yannone said. “And I said, ‘I’m from Boston, so I’m a huge Pats fan, so I’ll see you back at the beach.’ ”

Of course, Yannone was joking, he said, and the trio laughed and talked about the
Super Bowl as they navigated back to shore. After making sure the Trenholms were OK, Yannone went back to his vacation.

A few days later, he had returned home when he got a text message from his mother asking him if he had been on Facebook recently. When he logged on, he found that the Trenholms had been trying to track him down to thank him.


“They were so gracious and so generous, and I never thought in a million years that I would see them or hear from them,” Yannone said. “I would do that 10 out of 10 times. It was one of the coolest, most humbling things that’s ever happened.”

Yannone has been in touch with the couple and says he hopes to see them when they make an annual visit to Boston in the fall.

“The way I was raised was to always do the right thing,” he said. “I’m glad I did the right thing that day because I got to meet two amazing people. I’m no hero or anything like that.”

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