It is the small things – an appreciation

DPW sign

At my office hours Friday, resident John Palombo reported to me that the manholes on Rte. 27 were set down too low in the area by St. Edwards.  I had not personally noticed the issue, and knew nothing about it, but I knew who would know, so I emailed Maurice Goulet, Director of Public Works.  Today when Mo got back in his office I received his report (a copy of the emails appear below).

It is nice to have the DPW already aware and on top fixing of such issues for we residents.  One of my favorite memories as a selectman was the day I met then DPW employee and Water Department foreman, Ed Hinkley, the day he drove the Selectmen to perambulate the town bounds, as I quickly learned that Ed had an encyclopedic knowledge of the layout of the town and its systems.  Our DPW employees really know our town well.



At my office hours last Friday, John Palumbo related to me his concern that the height of the manhole covers in Rte. 27 in the area by St. Edwards is not right.  I think he said the manhole covers appear to be sinking.  I related that I would pass the concern along to you to handle.

Thanks in advance for getting back to Mr. Palumbo about his concern.



We have a contractor scheduled to come in next Tuesday /Wednesday to adjust and reset these manhole covers. They will be doing possibly 20 of them throughout the town. The manholes you call out happen to be on our list already. The company that will be doing the work is Tasco Construction from Belmont MA.

Thank you.

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