Minutes 2/17/18


Board of Selectman

February 27, 2018, 7:00PM

Chenery Hall



Present: Michael Marcucci, Osler Peterson, Gus Murby, Mike Sullivan, Mark Cerel, Kristine Trierweiler




Selectman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and disclosed the meeting is being video recorded.


Selectmen observed a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving around the world.


Notice of a date change – warrant hearing now scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 7:30 pm


Barbara Gips,  Senior Housing Survey Discussion

A senior questionnaire is to be sent to all of the seniors in town.  Questionnaire was to get an idea of current living situations of seniors, desired housing, locations, etc.  BOS received copy of questionnaire.  The questionnaire was pre-tested and takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Carol Mayer, Town Clerk will be providing with census data. The questionnaire will be printed in booklet form and mailed.  There are approximately 1,500 households in Medfield with one senior residing in it.  Committee is hoping for a 30% response from the questionnaire. Two mailings will be done; first the initial mailing and the second will be to the households that didn’t respond.  The estimated cost is approximately $11,000.  The Committee is asking for an additional $1,000 slush fund.


BOS asked where the money is coming from.  Mike Sullivan and Gus Murby suggested the Downtown money.


Vote: Selectmen Marcucci made motion support the survey and appropriate the necessary funds up to $12,000, seconded by Selectmen Murby, and vote was unanimous.


BOS signed the proposal from Barbara Gips.


Carol Read, Board of Health Appointment

Ms. Read sent letter in September and has since met with the Board of Health.  Reed has offered to serve on the Board of Health. Checking in with Board of Selectman and hoping they will vote to appoint her.


Selectmen Murby has no reservation with Ms. Read serving, however wants to close the loop with the current Board of Health.


Vote:   Selectmen Marcucci made motion appoint Carol Read to the Board of Health.  Seconded by Selectmen Murby, vote was unanimous.


John Naff, Building Commissioner, Budget Presentation

The Building Department is looking to eliminate coming back at the end of the year for a shortfall year after year. The Building Department is asking for an increase of $26,360 to eliminate this shortfall.  The Warrant committee wanted fees reviewed and increase fees to provide additional revenue. Some fees will be increase: residential and increase to $1.50 per sq. ft., on commercial, and increase to $2.00 per sq. ft., and a fee is being added to Certificate of Occupancy. The plumbing inspection fees are to offset the budget.


Over the actual budget the Building Department has brought in $338,000 this year, to date.  The Building Department is projecting $557,000 over the budget.  The budget is currently covered by the fees.


Selectmen Marcucci does not favor the fee increases. If the budget is “more than enough” covered than a fee increase is not necessary.  Mr. Sullivan agrees with Marcucci.


Mr. Naff stated Medfield’s fee are higher than most of the towns in the area. Jack Wolfe, of the Warrant Committee, noted the Warrant Committee voted unanimously on the fee increase.  Mark Cerel, Town Counsel, noted charging fees for municipal services cannot offset other costs of the town like the school.


Selectmen Marcucci and Selectmen Murby noted the Building Commissioner cannot raise revenue in this fashion and disagreed with the warrant committee.   Jack Wolfe noted the Warrant Committee was not aware of the legal issues.


Maurice Goulet, Water and Sewer, Budget Presentation


The Sewer department is looking for a consultant to work as a chief operator at the treatment plant.  Vehicle maintenance will be accounted for differently moving forward. There was a 40% decrease in the budget last year.


Water Articles – Mt. Nebo repainting and maintenance are included in this year’s budget.  Exterior right now will need to do the interior in the future.


Iron Manganese Treatment facility cost estimate is lower than originally thought.  Cost is currently $650,000.


Looking forward, the department is looking for a fixed network system for the water reading.  This will enable more readings rather than the six month intervals so if problems exist they will be handled faster.  We currently bill semiannual, and would like to move to quarterly eventually.


Street signs need to be updated to conform to regulations including putting the town seal on the street signs.  It doesn’t make sense to keep buying signs that we will be replacing in the near future.  Old signs are currently used as backups.


The dam at Danielson Pond is out of compliance with DCR and we have received notification I it needs to be in Compliance by July.  Maurice Goulet is handling with conservation commission.  There are two registered damns in town.


Philip Street Bridge should be open by April or beginning of May.


Roberta Lynch, Council of Aging, Budget Presentation

Article 15 is for an expansion of the Center.  Article 15 is a request for funding for plans only, hiring a project manager. The cost is $150,000 just for plans.


Selectmen Marcucci said he is generally in favor of the article however, he would like more information the size of the expansion and justification for the size reqeust.  Ms. Lynch said she would follow up with more information.


Selectmen Murby and Marcucci would like to hear from the Permanent Building Committee on this project.  Selectmen Murby doesn’t think this is the right year to push for the expansion on such a new building because of the current state of town finances.


Eoin O’Corcora, IT Department Director of Town and Schools, Budget Presentation


With the explosion of technology on the town side and the school side, the work load has been increasing.  Mr. O’Corcora needs to be available 24/7 which has proven difficult, looking to expand to an additional network person to handle the increase in networked systems including the new public safety building and the DPW building.


BOS supports the new position as recommended by the Personnel Board.


Action items 

Request to approve contract amendment for a 25% increase to the Community Opportunities Group contract for affordable housing consulting.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to sign the contract amendment, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.


Request from Maurice Goulet to sign Chapter 90 request for , regarding Phillip Street Bridge.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to sign the Chapter 90 Reimbursement in the amount of 17,500, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.



Request for BOS to grant the relocation of poles by Eversource on Hospital Road.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion grant the relocation, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.


Vote to open the 2018 Town Warrant for the purpose of adding Articles Dale Street feasibility study, Capital Budget and Operating override.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to open the 2018 Warrant to add the articles for Dale Street Feasibility, Capital Budget and Operating Override, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to close the 2018 Warrant, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.



Request to sign the Green Communities contract.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to sign the Green Communities Contract, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.



Request to the MSBA documents for Wheelock School boiler replacement project.


Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to sign MSBA documents as requested by the School Department, seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.



Selectmen Murby asked the Lot 3 RFP to be added to the next agenda for discussion.


Consent Agenda



Vote:  Selectmen Marcucci made motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.



Selectmen Reports


Selectmen Marcucci updated the BOS on the 41 Dale Street Project. AHT Board has met with Mr. Kelly and has requested additional information.  Board is looking for clarification on parking etc.
Selectmen Murby stated the ALS Study Committee is meeting on Thursday night at 7PM. Tom Marie has resigned from the Committee due to his commitments on the Collective Bargaining Committee as well as the Warrant Committee.

Selectmen Peterson reminded the Board that the time to nominate volunteer of the year for Medfield Foundation ends on February 28th.


Meeting adjourned at 10:40PM.






















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