DPW update from the Director

The Director of Public Works, Maurice Goulet, has been really good, right from his start, at keeping the Select Board apprised of what he is doing.  The email below just arrived from him.

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Below is a quick update on current projects for your information:


  1. Philip Street Bridge project has been completed. MassDOT has conducted their final inspection of the bridge and has given approval to have it reopened. We are finishing a small paving project nearby and will reopen the bridge this evening.


  1. The North Street Roadway Construction Project was delayed from last construction season. The limits of the project is on North Street from Pine Street to the Dover Town Line, including the Harding Street/West Street intersection. This project consists of milling the roadway 1.5” deep and repaving the top surface course with a 1.5” Superpave aggregate mix. There will also be adjustment work for all of the utility structures in that area and completed with traffic markings.   P.J. Keating will be the pavement contractor responsible for the project. (same contractor we had last year doing the center of town paving on Route 109) They had an opening for the week of June 4th to begin construction work. If we did not take this opportunity, we may not be able to get the work done until after school opens in September. The work is scheduled to commence on Wednesday June 6th and continue into the following week for completion.


  1. We will be conducting crack sealing operations on many roadways throughout the town intermittently as the contractor has availability.


  1. Lorusso Corp. will begin milling and paving large patches on Route 109 from Brook Street towards the Town Line of Dover heading East. These patches are necessary to keep the integrity of the road. If funds allow, we plan to put a preventative pavement surface on top of this section next construction season.


  1. During the week of 4th of July, we are tentatively scheduled to put a preventative pavement surfaceon the section of Route 109 from Causeway Street to The Millis Town Line, West towards TRESCA.


  1. Also in July we will be looking at one of our subdivisions for a Rubber Chip Seal process. This type of process will lay the stones with the emulsion but would be able to be swept within 20 minutes after the process to eliminate any long term issues residents may have with stone buildup.


  1. In coordination with the Medfield Food Cupboard, we will be participating in a food drive to “Fill a Public Works Truck” stationed on June 11th at the Medfield Senior Center parking lot during the election and then through the remainder of the week at the Public Safety building to help collect necessary products.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these projects, please let me know.


Thank you

Maurice G. Goulet

Director of Public Works

Medfield, Massachusetts


Department of Public Works

55 North Meadows Road

Medfield, MA 02052

(508) 359-8597 office

(508) 359-4050 fax



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