At the Medfield Energy Committee meeting last week, the MEC recommended that the new LED streetlights be 4,000K (Kelvin) on the main streets and 3,000K on the side streets, with the suggestion that the Medfield Police Department determine which streets are main and which are secondary.  This is the approach recommended by the town’s LED streetlight consultant, George Woodbury.

Westwood has opted to use 4,000K and Millis has used 3,000K.


4-19-18 DRAFT MEC Meeting Minutes                                                                      19 April 2018



Marie Nolan, Jerry McCarty, Lee Alinsky, Paul Fechtelkotter


March meetings minutes approved as submitted


Green Communities


  • Approved projects – RISE met with Jerry last Tuesday and he anticipates having contracts ready to be signed by the Board of Selectman by next Tuesday. One contract will be for lighting: replacement of selected existing lighting fixtures with LEDs in the Town Hall parking lot, the library and all schools except Dale. The 2nd will be for engineering work related to retro-commissioning.
  • Future projects – Jerry is looking at replacing the hot water heater at the Middle School as the next priority project to include in the next grant request. We would request funding to partially subsidize the project (to be combined with utility rebates and town funding). Jerry has asked for money to do design work in the FY19 budget. We also plan to resubmit a grant request for retro-commissioning at the High School, which was rejected last year.  The committee will revisit Table 4 in the next couple of months to target additional projects potential submission.


DPW solar

  • Jerry continues discussions with Solar Design Associates (SDA) to clarify the elements of the design contract and to get them to provide more detail on the exact scope of services to be provided.



  • The committee hasn’t received information from George Woodbury regarding a list of towns near Medfield with 3000K lights. He suggested visiting Newburyport but that is too far to be practical.
  • There has been no response to Lee’s email asking for follow up on the logistics associated with receiving a couple of lamps to physically test in Medfield.
  • The contract with Eversource needs to be updated with small items (e.g. dates) but nothing substantial. These changes must be made prior to moving forward with the town’s purchase of the fixtures.



Dale Street Replacement and the possibility of making it solar-ready

  • A study is underway to determine the needs for the Dale Street replacement (size, target programs, location, etc). This study should take approximately 8 months to complete. The town will then move into the design phase, where the PBC will solicit public input – making the building solar-ready could be discussed at that point. We are probably at least a year away from this point.




Potential for PV at Middle/High School

  • Jerry said that FY20 would likely be the time to secure funding for design work to begin.
  • Jerry doubted that the Middle School would have the structural capacity for solar. He also believed that the High School would have limited capacity for solar given the amount of space taken up by roof top equipment.




Submitted by Paul Fechtelkotter

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