MEC on 3/15




Meeting 3/15/18


Lee Alinsky, Cynthia Greene, Paul Fechtelkotter, Fred Davis, Pete Peterson, Jerry McCarty

  1. Minutes for 2/15 meeting accepted with modification, appreciation to Marie Nolan.
  2. Lee expressed appreciation to all for work on submitting Annual Report, and to Cynthia in particular for her leadership, during his absence last month.
  3. Green Communities – Jerry McCarty
    1. All items sent in to DOER, and approved by them, awaiting authority to proceed
    2. Then will proceed with contract with RISE
      1. Lighting: would take a couple of months. Fred: didn’t review the screw-ins for exterior of library and town hall.
      2. Retro-commissioning at Middle School: software, which is browser-based, gets installed by Trane 2-3 wks; then couple more weeks to adjust; then hand-off to retro-commissioning agent, Stephen Turner Inc.; training would be by Trane, in two segments: one soon and other in fall. Lee suggests the training be scheduled in advance, for whoever might benefit from it. Process will identify: control issues, which will be covered; but also hardware failures, which will require fixing, probably with outside contractor and funds from other than grant. RISE will produce the report of energy savings projected as a result of retro-commissioning work.
      3. Paul: when is next GC cycle? We have to completely spend / finish this set of measures before we can submit for another round.
      4. Next round, a high priority is DHW at Middle School: existing system is heating 2000 gal of water heating, even though we’re only using about 400 gal/day; needs replacing (22 years of a 20-year lifetime); perhaps go to two 100 gal high-efficiency. Fred recommends looking into solar DHW.
      5. High School retro-commissioning did not make it into FY19 budget, but will be, hopefully FY20. We were not given a reason why DOER rejected this; Jerry will ask why. Perhaps the Middle School retro-commissioning results will provide further justification, either to DOER or in town.
      6. Cynthia: we should apply for behavioral training, so that teachers and students gain in awareness.
  4. DPW Solar – Jerry McCarty – Received a proposal from Solar Design Associates (Ashley Deitrich) for ~$27,000, for design work, RFP prep, bid support, systems commissioning. Jerry has asked for clarification, detailed wording, awaiting response. Bid will be in components: base bid (North roof), two alternates (flat South roof, hip Central roof). Permanent Building Committee will look at the construction details. Jerry was a little surprised at price, as SDA had already looked at the building for a design-build bid.
  5. Street Lighting – Jerry McCarty -Jerry still needs to connect with George Woodbury, to ask him for recommendations about fixtures. And ask a few particulars: what if a few new poles or fixtures are needed? And how to ensure that maintenance costs will stay constant (reviewing Franklin situation). Lee: we need to move ahead with all due haste.
  6. Canopy photovoltaics – Lee -Would like to see PV canopies, perhaps on walkway between HS and Middle School, also over parking lots, also with EV chargers in parking lots. Superintendent would like to see a bit more study on this; and watch out for student drivers. There is funding for both EV and PV. Lee will pursue. Cynthia suggests pitching this as an educational opportunity; with a dashboard.
  7. PV on roofs of Middle and HS? Jerry: High School due for a partial roof replacement (over gym etc.), the newer area might be strong enough for PV; Middle School due for roof replacement; roof structure might need strengthening.
  8. Dale Street replacement building: Jerry: when it is time, q would arise: will it be solar? or solar-ready? MSBA, which funds schools, generally will not fund solar either way; Energy Committee would want to weigh in.
  9. Mass Energy Insight: Jerry still filling some in some areas.
  10. Jerry’s 20-year Capital Plan (500+ pages): includes a lot of energy-improvements, for instance improving roof insulation, better windows, HVAC equipment, etc.
  11. Next Meeting: Thursday April 19.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Fred Davis.

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