Affordable Housing Trust meeting

At the affordable housing trust committee meeting this evening at the Public Safety Building, the Committee and about 35 residents heard an update on the Tilden Village expansion and the 41 Dale Street project by John Kelly (in the photo). Mr. Kelly was complimented by those neighbors that had attended his three neighborhood meetings with doing what the neighbors had asked.

The Tilden expansion is at about 45 units, but osler realistically five years off due to the financing backlog. The Dale Street project was presented a either a 36 unit all rental, or a 12 unit sale combined with a 24 unit rental project The preference appears to be for the latter. The Dale site is 2.93 aces.

The town already has two LIP projects lined up that will give the town a second year of safe harbor after May from unfriendly 40B projects, and we seem to have a variety of options on other projects to keep us in a safe harbor beyond that.

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