Bridge repairs – West St. & Rte. 109

Bridge repairs – West St. & Rte. 109

At the Board of Selectmen meeting last Tuesday, Mike Sullivan reported on his recent meeting with the Massachusetts DOT about getting the bridges to Millis on Rte. 109 and West Street repaired, and the funding to do so.  Mike reported that the suggestion was to split the West Street bridge repairs three ways between Medfield, Millis and the state, with our share expected to come in at $50-100K.  Mike said the state acknowledged that the Rte. 109 bridge repairs were a state financial responsibility.

bridge meeting


This photo is from Shawn Dooley’s Facebook post on the topic.


Below is the email from Mike to selectmen about the bridge repairs from before our meeting.


Moe and I, along with the Millis Town Administrator and DPW Director and Representative Dooley, met with the District 3 Engineer and a couple of his staff this morning at their Worcester office to discuss the West Street bridge repairs and the condition of the Route 109 bridge. We thought it went very well. The agreed to participate in the cost of temporary bridge repairs to the West Street bridge and said they would look around to see how much money they could come up with. They will get back to us on that. That would mean the cost of temporary repairs would be spread among Millis, Medfield and Mass DOT. The spread is yet to be determined. Depending upon which option is selected. they felt the repairs might add 10to 15 years to the life of the bridge, which by the way is 48 years old (1969). In the meantime, they would try to get the bridge listed on the bridge program, which is federally funded, and that could eventually pay for the construction of a new bridge. Moe is going to meet with some other District 3 staff on Monday to review the status of Route 109 funding, but I doubt if they’l have an answer on how much they will contribute by then. They said that the 109 bridge is clearly state owned and that they thought it was in reasonablly good condition, graded a five out of ten, but they will check it out to make sure. Any work on that bridge will be paid for by the state.


Also, our DPW, along with a crew from Mass Coastal Railroad, are replacing the railroad ties and the asphalt on the sidewalk at the Dale Street crossing today. he is also exploring with the the possibility of doing something similar on the Farm Street crossing, but that’s more complicated so don’t expect a crew out next week.

Mike S.

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