BoS record late ending

Late meeting last night.  Even missed watching the 11PM news with dinner.

clock 11 30.jgp

Budget meeting with Warrant Committee and department heads to hear about panoply of financial constraints on town that limit the operating budgets (unfunded OPEB obligations at $48m., unfunded pensions at $18m., deferred building maintenance at $42m.).  Budgets and any annual town meeting (ATM) warrant articles must be submitted this year by December 1 to be included, so as to give the Warrant Committee sufficient time to review.  Mike Sullivan’s preliminary budget requires the use of $1.2m. from free cash to balance, more than is desired.

Meeting with Water and Sewerage and town staff to confirm steps needed to get rates set in a timely manner, where the rates were not last year, when the committee did not get the data when it was needed.  W&S looking at capital projects:

  • painting and refurbishment of the Mt. Nebo water tower this year
  • possible new wells to secure future water supply,
  • possible treatment facility for wells behind Wheelock that contain iron and manganese.

Long discussions about

  • the basketball backboard installed on the town right of way on Rockwood,
  • form of the town administror’s evaluation,
  • getting the Board of Selectmen authority to dispose of Lot 3 on Ice House Road in case the upcoming special town meeting (STM) on the Medfield State Hospital development does not vote to accept the recommended development proposal – the 2014 ATM vote already gives the Board of Selectmen broad authority to dispose of Lot 3 for virtually anything, so no new authority is needed.
  • update from Affordable Housing Trust Committee on status of projects that will keep the town in our safe harbor

Then an executive session to discuss land acquisition, LCB, and pending legal matters.

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