Dwight-Derby House water issues

Dwight-Derby House-2

Medfield Public Schools
Director of Facilities
Gerard McCarty, Director

TO: Michael Sullivan
FROM: Jerry McCarty
DATE: November 2, 2017
RE: Dwight Derby House Funds

The Dwight Derby House Historical Committee has approximately $10,000 in funds for repairs for the Dwight Derby House (DDH). The two projects that the Committee want to address are the Gutters and the sump pump/drainage.

This memo is to address the sump pump/drainage issue. The DDH incurs an excessive amount of ground water during the wet season. If not addressed, ground water rises to a level that impacts the basement crawl space heating system which is suspended from the floor above.. Currently, the DDH has a sump pit on the west side of the house which discharged into the sewer line, which is not permitted. To address the excessive ground water, and correct a discharge violation, my office is installing a new exterior discharge and drainage bed system on the east side of the property. The materials cost will come out of the above mentioned fund.

In an effort to save cost, I propose using some of the fund to pay DPW employees overtime to perform this machine work in digging trenches and installing stone (estimated cost of labor is $1000). This effort will be cheaper than having to bid and outsource this work. With the good fall weather, the DPW has been concentrating its effort on doing road projects in preparation for winter. By doing the DDH work on overtime hours, this project will not tie up men or machine work of the DPW to do its core function of road preparation, and will be cheaper bidding and outsourcing work.

Please let me know how I should proceed with this project.

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