BoS minutes for 9/17

NB – new earlier deadline this year for any warrant articles for the annual town meeting (ATM) – warrant articles should be submitted by December 1.

Meeting Minutes September 19, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, Marcucci, Murby; Town Administrator Sullivan; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. 71 North Street / LIP PROJECT Present Developer Robert Borrelli, attorney Jim Murphy, Ed Lyons architect and GLM site engineer Rob Kurick. Mr. Murphy remarked that we are here this evening to present Mr. Borrelli's proposed plan for his second Local Initiative Project at 71 North, next door to the first LIP at 67 North Street, which should be ready for renting November 1. This project will have eight units, two of which will be affordable, the remainder rental. If the state approves this development all eight will be counted towards the Town achieving safe harbor. The plan as shown is very similar to 67 North Street. It was explained that 71 North will have three parking spaces and an easement will provide 44 spaces at #67. Mr. Borrelli will need to have a site plan review and a ZBA hearing is required. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to support this project and assign Michael Sullivan to provide any necessary assistance along with the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals FY19 BUDGET GUIDELINES Present: Warrant Committee members, Tom Marie, Barbara Gips, Joanna Hilvert, Sharon Tatro; School Committee member Jessica Reilly The Warrant Committee and the School Committee was invited tonight to have a preliminary discussion about what we may be facing leading up to annual town meeting. Mr. Sullivan distributed a packet of financial information that included tax levy fy15-fy19, estimated local receipts for fy19, status of water and sewer enterprise funds, outstanding debt by bond issue and a preliminary list of warrant articles. This year in order to make things run more smoothly, the Selectmen advise that warrant articles should be submitted by December 1, January 2 is the date for anyone who has changed their mind about an article; final submission by January 15 to allow Town Counsel complete a legal review. This time frame should allow the Warrant Committee time to schedule meetings to review the proposed articles and the review of departmental budgets. The goal is to avoid last minute submissions as we had last year. Mr. Sullivan estimates a 2.5 to 3% tax increase and suggests a 3% increase in budgets. He also made note that we need to reduce the amount of free cash we have been using to balance the September 19, 2017 Page two budget. He remarked that he has learned that Facilities Director Jerry McCarty has completed a 20 year capital plan which will be very helpful to develop a more solid financial plan; tentatively Jerry is scheduled to come to the October 17 meeting for discussion. It was noted that the Warrant Committee will meet on Monday nights at the Public safety Building. SPECIAL STATE ELECTION WARRANT This election is to fill James Timilty's Senate Seat. There are three candidate; Jacob Ventura, Paul Feeney and Joe Shortsleeve. Polls are open 6AM to 8PM in Medfield VOTED unanimously to sign the October 17, 2017 Special State Warrant PENDING ITEMS: State Hospital Master Planning Committee Guidance Selectmen Peterson and Marcucci reviewed and made comments to Selectman Murby's draft dated July 7. Selectman Murby amended the document to include those comments that outlines the Selectmen's support for a special town meeting. Selectman Peterson and Marcucci reviewed and approve VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Marcucci, seconded by Selectman Murby it was voted unanimously to approve the Selectmen's Guidance to the State Hospital Master Planning Committee dated September 19, 2017 as amended with Selectman Murby's editorial comments Town Goals The Selectmen have been working on preparing a list of goals for the past several weeks. Selectman Murby has refined all the comments and prepared a draft document. Selectman Murby said that he thinks it would be a good idea to invite residents to review and make comments/suggestions; Selectmen Peterson and Marcucci agree. The document now needs to be formatted to be used on the web. This is a task for Selectman Murby to complete. VETERANS' SERVICE OFFICER Mr. Sullivan remarked that the result of his conversations with both Westwood and Dover is that they have no interest in joining with Medfield for veterans' services. LICENSES AND PERMITS (CONSENT AGENDA) Granted as noted by the Chair: Medfield Coalition for Public Education to post signs announcing fund raising campaign Medfield Green to post signs advertising October is Green Month at the Transfer Station Medfield Lions Club to post signs promoting annual Chowder Rest on November 4, 2017 Boy Scout Troop 89 permission to post sign announcing 22nd annual Christmas Tee Pick-up September 19, 2017 Page three A one-day liquor permit to Katie Walsh owner of Capsule Lifestyle for a Sip and Shop event at her store Thursday September 28 Block Party Permits granted; Stonybrook Road September 23; Pederzini Drive cul-de-sac for September 30; Cypress Street October 21 High School Student Council to hold a Sleep out for the Homeless September 20 TOWN ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE Mr. Sullivan remarked that the beavers are hard at work in several locations in Town. Beaver trapping season begins December 1. He extended appreciation to MEMO and Russ Hallisey for a great job organizing Medfield Day; announced that on October 5 a meeting is scheduled with John Kelly to discuss his proposed plan for the Dale Street project. Selectman Marcucci will attend. SELECTMEN'S REPORI'S Selectman Marcucci said that Medfield Day was great, good crowds; extended kudos to DPW for the good job on the Route 109 construction. Selectman Murby said that the Sherborn Fire Chief attended the ALS Study Committee meeting, an impressive man., very well spoken. The committee is moving forward making some progress. As he is Chairman of the Trust Fund Committee he said that a meeting will be called soon to discuss the recent OPEB report. Mr. Murby will be out of Town returning later in the afternoon on Sunday October 1 he will some of the festivities celebrating the library's centennial. Selectman Peterson enjoyed the Dwight-Derby House 20th Anniversary Gala remarking it was a wonderful event. He mentioned that registration will open soon for the 12th annual Angel Run to take place on Sunday December 3, 2017. ADJOURNMENT On a motion made by Selectman Marcucci at 9:30 PM seconded by Selectman Murby the meeting adjourned.20170919_Page_220170919_Page_3

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