Aid for Puerto Rico

From Susan Maritan –

My dear friend and neighbor is sending this email out to friends in Medfield and beyond.

Would you mind publishing this on your blog to help her get the word out?

Many thanks.




Dear friends,

Muchas gracias.  So many of you have expressed your love and concern for our families and for our fellow Puerto Ricans.  We are so very grateful.

It is a devastating time for Puerto Rico – no power, very limited water (or none in some cases), flooding, and very extensive damage to the island’s infrastructure, including communications, roads, hospitals, schools, and homes.  Many people have lost everything.

Just weeks ago, after Hurricane Irma, Puerto Ricans served as a major lifeline for the other islands affected, literally giving away many of their own provisions – a living example of “Mi casa es Su casa.”  Before Hurricane Maria hit, we heard from friends and relatives that it was nearly impossible to find bottled water, gas and batteries in Puerto Rico, as so much of these provisions had been donated to relief efforts in neighboring islands.

As Expatriates Puertoricans  a group of us want to replicate that generosity and provide whatever assistance we can as they face the arduous task of rebuilding their lives.  Since communication and information is limited, and the needs are being assessed, we are doing it in Phases.

PLEASE, we need your help and participation, to the extent your heart, treasure and skill set permit.  Consider the following measures:

  1.     Donating  NOWto either a charity of your choice or to one of the charities listed below. EVERY dollar counts.  To put the daunting task of recovery in context, please bear in mind that the per capita income in Puerto Rico is only $18,626, while Mississippi’s (the poorest of the U.S. states) is $40,593.
  2. 2.    Volunteering to be part of a relief effort .  As soon as we are able to, some of us will be going to Puerto Rico for an extended period to assess what are the greatest needs to roll up our sleeves and help.  Rebuilding lives will take a very, very long time. The kind people of Puerto Rico need help and expertise in many areas.  Should you be able to volunteer please, let us know or signup with an organization of your choice. As we learn more, we will share information on these opportunities.
  3. Donating goods: Due to logistics issue (i.e. lack of diesel fuel and personnel to transport, poor access to areas) we have been asked to hold off on the collection of goods until a later date.

We WILL remain focused on how best to assist in addressing recovery needs, whether it involves additional fundraising efforts, the collection of goods, or an on-site relief project.

On behalf of our family, friends, and neighbors in Puerto Rico, we thank you again for your kind words, your prayers and for donating to the relief effort.. whatever time, talent, or treasure your means permit. Please forward this email to your friends and neighbors.


Lissa and David Potts




List of Puerto Rico organizations fundraising for Puerto Rico (SOURCE:


United for Puerto Rico – PRFAA or

United for Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3) organization whose staff is working on a full volunteer basis. The funds donated to the organization go directly to help Puerto Rican citizens rebuild their homes. Donations will focus on necessary construction materials to rebuild homes and also provide the labor which is 100% volunteers. To ensure full accountability and transparency of these donations, the organization is working with Microsoft and Evertec Inc. to establish a platform to track how the organization spends its funds. The organization, United for Puerto Rico, was developed by the office of the First Lady Beatriz Rossello and is promoted by the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration. The Government of Puerto Rico in conjunction with federal authorities are doing assessments of the relief supplies both emergency and construction that are needed.

Ricky Martin for Puerto Rico

Dear friends, Puerto Rico is going through one of the toughest times in history, and the island desperately needs us. Hurricane Maria left devastating damage leaving thousands of people affected.  For this reason, I decided to create this page to collect funds to provide the basic needs and rebuild all that was lost. My donation of $100,000 is already in, and I know I can count on your support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable and much-needed contribution. – Ricky Martin

Centros Sor Isolina Ferré   

Sister Isolina Ferré was born in Ponce to a wealthy family and used her influence to established charitable clinics, youth centers and educational and empowerment establishments. She is known as Mother Teresa of Puerto Rico she began her work in the poor area known as La Playa de Ponce in 1969 in what is known today as Centro Sor Isolina Ferré.  The center serves a generational range with multiple social, educational, economical and spiritual needs.

Fundación de Niños San Jorge

Non-profit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of children in Puerto Rico.  The foundation assist children from families with limited economic resources diagnosed with cancer or physical malformations.  The services include patient services, school programs and psychological and psychiatric programs.

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