MEC on 6/8/17


Medfield Energy Committee

June 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Attending:     Marie Nolan, Fred Bunger; Chair., Fred Davis, Jerry McCarty; Medfield Director of Facilities, and Lee Alinsky



Meeting called to order at 7:35pm in the Town DPW Conference Room.


The minutes for April 13 and May 12, 2017 accepted as written.


At the outset, Fred Davis made it known to the committee that he recused himself from participation in any LED streetlight project voting as he was concerned that there be no appearance of any conflict of interest issues.  Jerry then began his report to the Committee.


  1. The LED Street Light Project The committee was then brought up to date on the status of the streetlight project.  Jerry indicated that the Town’s lighting consultant, George Woodbury of Lightsmart Consulting had prepared a proposal for the audit of 347 street lights at a cost of $2,776.00.  A motion was made and seconded that the Town enter into a contract with Lightsmart Consulting not to exceed $3,000.00 for the purpose of this audit.  The motion was passed unanimously.   MAPC has given the Town (Jerry) a preliminary estimate of ~ $22,400.00 incentives for a total of: $116,000+/- for the purchase, re-lamping and installation of LED lights.


  1. The High School / Middle School HVAC Re-commissioning Project           We are “dealing” with RISE for the re-commissioning.  We are waiting for cost amounts for the TRANE equipment.  EMS Recommissioning $ for the HS: ~72,413.  EMS Recommissioning $ for the Blake MS: ~$38,300.  Audit and Engineering for DHW Replacement: ~$6,875.  TOTAL:  ~$117,588.


  1. ASHRAE Level II energy audit for domestic hot water at Blake MS should cost ~ $7,875.


Roof-mounting of solar panels on the DPW building   There is still an on-going issue regarding the additional loading weight on the roof of the DPW building.  The panels and support framing cannot be installed until we are assured that the roof can successfully carry the additional weight.  The design engineer has been notified regarding this issue and has been asked to respond to The Town’s concern.  To date (6/8/17) we have had no answer.


MASS Power Forward        Fred Bunger suggested that the MPF checklist might be a good model for the Committee to follow going forward.


Other Items that were discussed…


The Energy Institute
            Has a conversion program for green-house carbon footprint.


Perhaps Maciej Konieczny can lead a “seminar” on the Energy Insight program.


The Committee should have a conversation with Mike (Sullivan) and/or the Bd. Of Selectmen re: funding a new Energy Manager to replace Andrew Seaman.


Energy Committee Archives (On Google Drive?)          Marie indicated that there was progress but more folders were needed.  Perhaps she would prepare a short presentation for the next Committee meeting.


Fred Bunger announced that he will shortly be leaving Medfield (Booooo!) and that the Committee needed to elect a new Chairman.  Lee Alinsky was elected.


Respectfully submitted,


Lee Alinsky

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