Revised BoS calendar

Just received from Mike Sullivan –

September 14, 2017 Board of Selectmen Annual Calendar Sept 5 Establish capital and operating guidelines for the next fiscal year Begin review of prior year budgets and actual expenditures 19 Discuss FY19 Budget Guidelines with the Warrant Committee, School Committee and Board of Water and Sewerage Set target date for submission of budgets and warrant articles Discuss/Adopt Selectmen’s Goals Oct 3 Status of OPEB Review estimated revenues and debt Meet with Park and Rec to discuss Programmatic Needs Study DPW Director to provide update on pavement management plan, road/sidewalk maintenance, tree planting, bridge repairs and North Street Construction Town Administrator Goals 17 Board of Water and Sewerage update on Iron Manganese Study, Mt Nebo Water Tower, Rules and Regulations Manual, Stormwater/Conservation Bylaws, Rate Setting Facilities Director to update on 20 Year Capital Plan Update on Town wide Master Plan Permanent Building Committee Energy Committee update on Green Communities Nov 7 Annual budget Meeting, Distribution of FY19 Budget Materials Request Annual Town Reports from Departments/Boards/Commissions MSH Building and Grounds Committee update on special uses Open 2018 Annual Town Meeting Warrant 21 MSH Master Plan Update Schedule Department Budget Meetings September 14, 2017 Dec 5 Annual Reclassification Hearing with the Board of Assessors Police Chief Update FY2019 Budgets due to Town Accountant Update on Downtown, Econ Development and Historic Issues Year End Update on SWAP Area 19 Final FY2017 Financials Free Cash Certification for close of FY2017 Updated Tax Levy estimate for FY2019 Update from ALS Study Committee Warrant Committee and MSH Master Planning Committee to discuss Special Town Meeting Jan 2 Special Town Meeting Preparations Preliminary Review of Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles and Budgets Deadline for Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles requiring Legal Review Deadline for Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles by Citizen Petition Library Director Update 16 Town Administrator Budget Updates: BOS, TA, Health and Life, Liability and Workers Comp Board of Health update on Marijuana, beavers and other health issues Lyme Disease Study Committee Update Feb 6 20 Update from Fire Chief Search Committee Close the 2018 Annual Town Meeting Warrant Capital Budgets due to the BOS ____________________________________________________________________________ Continued Annual Town Meeting Budget/Article Discussions Deadline to file papers for Annual Town Election September 14, 2017 March 6 20 Update from Fire Chief Search Committee Sign Annual Town Meeting Election _________________________________________________________________________ Annual Warrant Hearing for 2018 Annual Town Meeting Annual Town Election Review final Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles and assign to BOS April 3 17 Reorganization of the BOS Sign Annual Town Meeting Warrant for Posting __________________________________________________________________________ Annual Town Meeting Warrant mailed to all residents 2018 Annual Town Meeting May 1 15 Discuss process for Town Administrator Evaluation __________________________________________________________________________ Begin to discuss Goals and Objectives for next Fiscal Year June 5 19 Begin review Annual Committee Appointments Town Administrator Performance Evaluation __________________________________________________________________________ Finalize and set Goals and Objectives for upcoming Fiscal Year20170914-MS-calendar_Page_220170914-MS-calendar_Page_3

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