Medfield TV live broadcast issues


Selectmen meetings have not been broadcast live

Last night I asked Rachel about the Medield TV broadcast of selectmen meetings not going out live, as I had been told that recently the meetings were not being broadcast live.  I learned that Medfield TV has a new piece of equipment in the Medfield TV equipment box in the selectmen meeting room that has not been functioning properly, preventing the live broadcasts.

For your information, last night’s broadcast would have been 4+ hours, as we finished after 11PM and after the extended inning all star game had ended.

This email came this afternoon from Medfield TV.  I think my “source” must have called Medfield TV too.



First let me apologize that your meeting was not live last night. I watched the intro to the meeting last night and wanted to send a reassuring email your way. It seems people are under the misconception that we “no longer go live”, or “haven’t been live in months”.

We have had some problems with our encoder at the Town Hall. The purpose of that device is to send our video signal back to our station so it can go live to our audience. We received a phone call, and so did you, about your meetings not going live. Only two meetings have missed being live broadcast. The gentleman we spoke to has been frustrated and seems to have embellished to me and I hope not to you as to the extent of the issue.

I believe Medfield TV is a service to the people and to this town. The town meetings are absolutely the single most important part of our job. I want to assure you that this issue is being fixed and is a priority to our station.

I wanted to send this message to let you know what is going on on our end. This has been an issue in some places around us and so we are going through a process of research to find the correct fix to this issue which may take some time. I promise if the meeting is not live it will air within the next day or two.

I do not live in this town but from what I can see you gentlemen do a great job serving this town.

I look forward to working with all of you soon. Perhaps we can do a Selectman show sometime. Any takers?

Brett Poirier

General Manager

Medfield TV

(774) 254-6751

One response to “Medfield TV live broadcast issues

  1. Jean Marie Kingsbury

    Thanks for letting us know, Pete.

    Sent from my iPhone



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