Affordable Housing Trust constituted


Affordable Housing Trust Members

At the Board of Selectmen meeting last night the Affordable Housing Trust members were appointed:

  • Mike Marcucci
  • Adam Ameden
  • Timothy Bonfatti
  • Todd Trehubenko
  • Jack Wolfe
  • Ann Thompson

Under the terms of the Affordable Housing Trust adopted at the annual town meeting (ATM) in April, one selectman was to serve, the Affordable Housing Committee appointed one member (Ann Thompson), the Warrant Committee and the Planning Board were to each nominate individuals.  Jack Wolfe, a Warrant Committee member, was taken as the Warrant Committee nominee and the Planning Board is meeting next Monday to make its nomination (the selectmen left the seventh position open to be filled after getting that Planning Board suggestion).

The town was fortunate that a really strong field of candidates with huge experience, much with affordable housing, stepped forward to volunteer, making the selection of the actual committee members a difficult process of selecting from among so many with such great resumes.  I encouraged those who could not be appointed to still attend the Affordable Housing Trust meetings and to seek to contribute.


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