Dale St. 40B developer meeting 7/18

The developer of the proposed Dale Street 40B has scheduled a public meeting about his plans.  Below is the notice the town received yesterday, too late to be included in the select board meeting materials for our 7/11 meeting.

Date: July 5th, 2017 To: Interested Parties & Neighbors From: Medfield Meadows, LLC and Medfield Meadows 2, LLC Re: Neighborhood Meeting- Redesign of 39/41and49 Dale Street Dear Neighbors, We would like to invite you to attend a neighborhood meeting to discuss the revised development proposals planned for 39/41 Dale Street and 49 Dale Street. Based on the feedback previously received from both the neighborhood and the municipality, and after working closely with Masshousing, we have made profound and significant changes to both plans including a major density reduction. We recognize and appreciate that the previous proposals were not well received. We believe the revised concepts have addressed many of the criticisms previously provided. We are interested in soliciting additional feedback on the revised plans and hope that you can attend the meeting which is scheduled for: July 18 at the American Legion in Medfield at 7pm. Some of the differences between the original proposal and the revised proposals include: REVISED PLANS (dated May 2017) PROJECT Medfield Green Grovedale Homes LOCATION NU.MBER OF UNITS 70 Units 25 Units BLDG. TYPES 50 units in a mid- 25 townhouse units rise building on North Meadow Road and 20 Townhouses that more closely resemble the surrounding neighborhood BUILDING HEIGHT Midrise at 50' +/- Townhouse at 35' ORIGINAL PLANS Dated 12/08/17 NORTH/SOUTH COMBINED INTO 1 PROJECT 182 Units - 98 units in the North Parcel - 84 units in the South Parcel. 3 & 4 story mid-rise buildings Midrise at 50' RECEIVED JUL r 7 Z017 MEDFIELD SELECTMEN Townhouse at 35' PARKING 106 spaces 60 spaces 280 spaces PARKING RATIO 1.5 2.4 1.53 Reconfiguration The apartment Townhouses are 3 & 4 story mid-rise building is near the contextual to the buildings DPW, set back 15 surrounding Total reduction of 87 units feet from North neighborhood. Meadows Road. The building height is reduced near neighboring homes. Park area in the center of the development. Landscape buffers along property lines for neighbors and DPW. The townhouses are along the street to provide a more contextual buffer. We still plan on seeking comprehensive permits under Chapter 40B. However, we have not formally filed anything with any Subsidizing Agencies, like MassHousing, as we hope to have the benefit of your comments prior to filing. We look forward to seeing you on July 18 at the American Legion in Medfield at 7pm. John Kelly20170705-John Kelly-meeting notice_Page_2

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