MSH workshop 5/24 at 7PM

From Gil Rodgers of the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee –

Lee Chapel at msh

Master Planning Committee Holding Workshop on Hospital Reuse Alternatives


The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee (MSHMPC) is pleased to announce a Public Meeting and Workshop at the Blake Middle School Gymnasium on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 from 7pm to 9:30pm. 

As part on the ongoing master planning process the MSHMP Committee has narrowed down the alternative scenarios and seeks public feedback at this critical juncture. Kathy McCabe and her team from McCabe Enterprises Consultants will present two scenarios that are the result of a collaborative process that includes input from three key sources:  (1) MSHMPC, (2) public input through meetings and surveys, and (3) the expertise of McCabe Enterprises.  The presentation will also incorporate analyses of external market forces that impact the property such as historic tax credits, regional housing needs, and business opportunities.

The focus will be on:

  • potential uses of the properties,
  • market priorities,
  • building and land assessments,
  • infrastructure considerations, and
  • financial analyses.


Feedback from the public is sought to help develop a preferred development scenario — which may be a combination or modification of the two alternatives presented — and also be used to identify priority features and elements for inclusion in the final development and implementation plans.

The format will be somewhat different than the February workshop held in the Medfield High School Cafeteria.  The agenda will begin with short presentations being made by MSHMPC and McCabe Enterprise consultants presenting overview and summary of the two scenarios and analyses of their impacts and implications.    Attendees will break into small “round-table” discussion groups facilitated by MSHMPC members.  As a new technique for gathering feedback, hand-held, electronic polling devices will be employed to obtain individual responses to a few key questions allowing for instant tabulation of responses.  Finally, using all of these steps and information a closing  presentation will summarize the conclusions.

MSHMPC encourages participation in this meeting and workshop as one of the most important decisions ever faced by Medfield that will have enduring implications for this community and neighboring communities.

MSHMPC Communications Subcommittee

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