Medfield Green Month

Medfield Green Month– May 2017 Collecting Items for Donation, Reuse and Recycling 9 – 1 Saturdays in May at the Transfer Station Date Collection Information May 6 TVs, Monitors, Electronics (9-2) (fee may apply) SWAP opens for season May 3 May 13 Reusable Building Materials for Resale High Quality only (9-1) Please email directly, before 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 11th if you have any questions or to confirm your items are needed/wanted. No construction debris. See details on reverse & website, too. Baseball Equipment & Clothing – at Transfer Station. Gloves, bats, balls, helmets & pads in children and adult sizes. Food Composting Program Info & Starter Kit Sales (9-1) Sports Equipment Swap at WHEELOCK SCHOOL DRIVEWAY (8-11) Boston Building Resources Disadvantaged youth will benefit. Town of Medfield May 20 Styrofoam (9-1) Foam packing blocks. Foam coolers and foam shipping containers. Please remove any labels or stickers. Clean, white (white only!) foam take-out containers and foam cups (Clean/rinsed). No peanuts or bubble wrap. No colored Styrofoam. See reverse. Books: soft and hard cover, audio; CDs & DVDs (9-1) No encyclopedias Friends of Medfield Library May 27 Clothing, Linens, Towels, Shoes etc. Clean, dry textiles in any condition Medfield Green Epilepsy Foundation Ongoing Mattresses and Box Springs - place in grant-funded container to right of tip-floor. Medications/Drug/Sharps – Public Safety Building has ongoing collection. Household Hazardous Waste–April 29 (9–1) Contact DPW for year-round options Textiles – deposit clean, dry textiles in the Epilepsy Foundation trailer or donation bins. Transfer Station Sticker Required for access to Transfer Station. Stickers can be purchased by mail and at the DPW, $75 for 2yrs. Medfield Green Month is a collaboration of Medfield Green & the Town of Medfield Sponsored by Medfield Employers & Merchants Organization More Details about Medfield Green Month For Additional Information Check Each Vendor’s Website Electronics – Collection of TVs (CRT, LCD and Plasma), monitors, computers, laptops, printers/scanners/faxes, printer cartridges, radios, stereos, entertainment systems, all cables and wires, projectors, all telephones, CDs, floppy discs, servers, Printed Circuit Boards, rechargeable batteries, all consumer electronics. Fee may apply. The Swap Area - Collection of household items - provides residents an opportunity to find a new life for their items. It is open Wed, Fri and Sat. from 9 – 3 (drop offs only through 2:30) until Saturday October 28th at 12 noon. The Swap accepts clean, working (or easily repairable) household items that can be used by someone else. Categories of acceptable items are: Toys/Games/Educational materials; Bicycles/Exercise Equipment/Sporting Goods; Household items; Household Electric Items; Decorative Items; Baby Items; Tools/Hardware; Building Materials(limited quantity); Garden/Yard Items; Office Furniture/Supplies; Furniture; Entertainment Items; Books and Magazines. The Swap area does NOT accept any materials that are not accepted as solid waste at the Transfer Station (e.g., TVs, CRTs, automobile parts, tires, oil, concrete, and gypsum). Can you spare 15 minutes or more to help? Volunteers are always needed. Just stop in or contact for more details. Reusable Building Materials for resale – high quality – no construction or demolition debris – Please see website for complete list and quantity minimums ( Partial list of materials we accept: cabinets, countertops, some sinks, appliances (less than 7yrs old), vanities, ceramic tile, vinyl and wood replacement windows, doors and hardware (interior, exterior, storm – no lead paint), lumber, drywall, plywood, exterior shutters, carpeting, sheet vinyl, wood flooring, latex paint. No glass of any kind. If you would not share it with a friend, please don’t bring it. Please Email directly, before 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 11th if you have any questions or to confirm your items are needed/wanted. Styrofoam – WHITE ONLY! We will accept packing blocks, clean white produce and meat trays, clean white take out containers, clean hot cups such as Dunkin' Donuts, Honey Dew and Cumberland Farms (without paper or cardboard infused), white foam egg cartons. Will NOT accept: Colored foam products, plastic utensils, foam cups infused with cardboard or paper such as McDonalds, Newman, and Burger King (ice tea cup), biodegradable produce and meat-trays (for example, GenPak without the recycling symbol), polyurethane foam (PU), cardboard egg cartons, soft foam pads, food containers with plastic film attached (some ground turkey comes in these containers), pipe insulation. PLEASE take CLEAN, REUSABLE styrofoam PEANUTS to Express Business Center (258A Main St., Medfield 508-359-7444), Postal Center (14 Milliston Rd B, Millis, 508-376-1200), or UPS (689 Main, Route 1A, 1A Marketplace, Walpole 508-668-8700). AFTER MAY 20, NEXT STYROFOAM COLLECTION IS PLANNED FOR OCTOBER 2017. WATCH FOR DETAILS. Book Donations - The Friends of the Medfield Library volunteers run the Friends Bookstore to raise funds for the Medfield Library. Books, CD, and DVD donations are accepted whenever the Medfield Library is open, and these donations are used to stock the Friends Bookstore. The Friends Bookstore is moving to a new and improved space in the Medfield Library, starting in May. GRAND OPENING WILL BE ON MAY 30TH. Sports Equipment Swap – Medfield Strong, a 5th grade boys service group, is running a used equipment swap for sports such as: baseball, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, golf, etc. (Please, NO ski equipment of any kind) Anyone is welcome to take equipment. No donation necessary. All left over equipment will be donated. If you would like to donate but cannot make the Saturday event, please e-mail to make alternate arrangements or Textile Donations – The Epilepsy Foundation of New England will collect all clean/dry textiles in any condition. This includes clothing, linens, shoes, purses, throw-rugs, blankets and towels. For a list of unacceptable items visit Medications/Drugs – The Medfield Police offers free disposal of drugs and sharps. Drugs are being detected in groundwater. Accepted drugs include: prescription and over the counter medication, pills, capsules, patches, prescription ointments, prescription liquids in unbreakable, leak-proof containers and vitamins. Sharps can be deposited in a separate collection container also in the lobby of the Public Safety Building. Food Composting Come learn about the program at the Transfer Station from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday May 13th. Food scraps, baked goods, cheese, raw and cooked meat, fish, bones and biodegradable bags can be composted. Place your food for composting in the large toters that are kept to the right of the tip floor. We only ask that you don’t include liquids, oils, fat, or plastic bags. Food waste is sent to an off-site commercial composting facility. For more information, go to and look under Transfer Station. Starter kits can also be purchased at the Transfer Station from 9 to 1 on Saturday May 13th or at the Department of Public Works Building, 55 North Meadows Road, during business hours. A complete starter kit includes a 3.5 gallon pail with animal and odor proof lid, a kitchen scrap bucket, and two rolls of biodegradable liners (count of 50 liners). Cost is $15 (including sales tax). Purchase of just the kitchen scrap bucket and 50 biodegradable liners is $5 (including sales tax). Backyard composters are also available for sale Saturday May 13th from 9 to 1 for $25 (plus sales tax). Please make checks payable to “The Town of Medfield.” This project is funded in part by a grant from MassDEP.medfield green may 2017_Page_2

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