Fire Chief selection process

The Board of Selectmen were given the following outline of a Fire Chief selection process on Tuesday evening this week by Kristine Trierweiler.  She said it was a process that she had worked out with the Personnel Board, mainly derived from the town’s last Police Chief search.  The difference this time is that the town’s consultant will be hired at the outset, instead of when we are substantially into the process, as was done with the Police Chief.

Kris opined that the process of selecting a new chief will take 4-5 months, which means that we should have a new chief on board to have input into resolving the ALS issue, if the town opts to pursue the recommendation of the Warrant Committee and selectmen to appoint an ALS Study Committee at the town meeting.

Mike Sullivan opined that the Chief needs to live in town, and/or commit to moving to town within 18 months per Kris, and that will be an issue that the selection committee will decide.  I have heard the suggestion that it is not a necessity and not required by other towns.

Residents interested in serving on the committee should contact Evelyn Clarke at the Town House – 508-906-3012.


April 2017


  1. Personnel Board to develop Fire Chief Selection process and file with the Town
  2. Formation of a search committee to include:

Scott McDermott, Town Moderator

Robert Cordon, Personnel Board Representative

Dr. Jeffrey Marsden, Superintendent of Public Schools

Chief Robert Meaney

Kristine Trierweiler, Asst Town Administrator

John Naff, Building Commissioner

Current/Retired Fire Chief

Resident at Large

Resident at Large

Committee’s first tasks will be to choose a Public Safety Management Consultant to assist in the transition and Assessment Center Process as well as develop selection criteria for position posting.

  1. Development of selection criteria
  2. Selection Criteria Finalized and Position Posted

Selection Committee will present selection criteria to the Board of Selectmen for their review. All changes should be agreed upon by both the Search Committee and the Board of Selectmen at a joint meeting.

Selection criteria determined after interviews with town officials, fire department employees and residents.

  1. Design of Comprehensive Assessment Center

Consultant will work with the Selection Committee to design and conduct a Fire Chief Assessment Center to evaluate candidates using various exercises and measure performance.


April 2017

  1. Recruitment and Selection

Selection Committee will work with Consultant to utilize various recruitment sources to construct a list of potential candidates. Initial screening of all resumes will be completed by the Selection Committee.

Candidates will be chosen by the Selection Committee to attend preliminary interviews and/or the One day Assessment Center to evaluate knowledge, skills, and ability.

Once the Committee has final list of candidates, the Consultant will complete character, background, and reference, checks on each of the finalist candidates. Standard reference checks will be used for all candidates by the Consultant in consultation with the Personnel Board.

  1. Board of Selectmen Appointment

After the reference checks are completed, finalist candidates will be presented to a full meeting of the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen will then interview each of the candidates and based on the scores of the Assessment Center, interviews and the reference checks a Fire Chief may be appointed by the Board of SelectmenMFD

2 responses to “Fire Chief selection process

  1. Sarah and Geoff Brown

    Hi, Mr. Peterson! Thanks for distributing such interesting updates via your blog. It is a great way to stay informed. My kids and I were just wondering if the Fire Department badge/logo contains a typo…Medfild instead of Medfield?

    Thanks, Sarah Brown

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    First, instead of calling me Mr. Peterson, please call me Pete. Second, I apologize, as I only just found your comment this morning. Yes, your kids and you have better eyes than I did, as there is a misspelling. I grab images off the Internet to use with my posts, and I have no clue now where that one came from. But I bet the real Medfield Fire Department badges spell our town name correctly.


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