ALS intercept clarification

John Kraus corrected my understanding of how the ALS intercept actually happens.  Thank you John.


Good afternoon.  Just a comment / clarification on the intercept process: if our ambulance is transporting a patient to the hospital and meets up with an ALS truck (whether from a mutual aid department or a private service) the patient remains in the Medfield ambulance with our EMT and the paramedics will get on board with us (bringing along their equipment) and provide ALS care while we continue to the hospital. The patient is not moved from one ambulance to another during transport. If the patient is still at the scene and has not been loaded in the Medfield ambulance yet the mutual aid department maybe elect to transport in their truck, but I didn’t want the public to have the impression that the patient is being transferred from one truck to another on the side of the road during the intercept.  Thanks.

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