BoS minutes for 1/31/17

Meeting Minutes January 31, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke; Representative Denise Garlic Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced this meeting is being recorded. Mr. Fisher asked for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. DALE STREET PROPOSED HOUSING PROJECT Selectman Michael Marcucci, Town Counsel Mark Cerel and consulting attorney Jay Talerman attended today's meeting with MASSHousing. Selectmen Marcucci opened tonight's meeting making the announcement that MASSHousing has determined that the conceptual project design is not appropriate for the site and therefore, has denied the application for the Medfield Meadows project. There were a large number of residents in the audience who were pleased to h.ear the news. Mr. Marcucci agrees this is cause for celebration, however, we must continue to move forward to reaching our affordable housing percentages that will in turn allow us to reject other projects such as this one that may come before the Town. Representative Denise Garlick made a brief announcement sayingthat this really is a result ofa team effort. Not only the diligence of the neighbors abutting the site for their extensive research but the community as a whole coming together; it was all duly noted by the Boston officials. She praised the Board of Selectmen and Town Administer Sullivan for their diligent hard work. Town Counsel Mark Cerel commented that it is extraordinary to have MassHousing deny a project. All the work and efforts from the Town did make an impact. NEW MARIJUANA IAW Resident Carol Read is present this evening to discuss the new law and what it means to Medfield. Ms. Read stated that she works in prevention and public health. In the November election Massachusetts voters said yes to a law to allow persons 21 and older to possess and use marijuana and products containing marijuana. Effective on December 15, 2016 it became legal to grow 12 marijuana plants per year in your house and legally give it away. She noted, however, that in Colorado the number of plants are six and in the state of Washington no growing of plants in your house. Ms. Read said that it is alarming to know that marijuana oils can be infused in edible products such as brownies, cookies candy and in "e cigarettes." These oils are very potent causing those January 31, 2017 January 31, 2017 Page two who do eat those products or even drink any of the colas containing this substance to become very ill. We have to be vigilant and make certain our children are not exposed to any of this. She would like to see Medfield opt out of allowing retail stores to sell these products. The Selectmen agreed to take this approach under consideration. It is noted that in Medfield a medical marijuana dispensary would only be allowed in the IE district after application to the Planning Board for a special permit. MEDFIELD ENERGY COMMITIEE Fred Bunger, Chair; Fred Davis and Cynthia Green members The topic of Medfield converting the Town's 347 street lights to LED and the maintenance of the lights has previously been proposed. Mr. Davis made a presentation this evening outlining the good benefits and cost savings to the Town. Right now the Town pays Eversource about $41,000 annually; converting to LED the cost goes way down to $8,300. Also the town could apply for a 30% grant from the Department of Energy Resources to help reduce the $105,000 cost of installation to an amount of $68,000. The average annual simple return on the investment would be 48% and would take 2.1 years to complete. Mr. Sullivan has been concerned about hiring a company to maintain the street lights. Eversource owns and maintains the lights; this would be the Town's responsibility if we purchase the fixtures from Eversource (probably at a cost of $1 per). The Energy Committee estimates maintenance costs at about $2,000 per year. The Town could contract with a company for a term of 1, 2 or 3 years; estimates of 3-5 day turn around for repairs. Mr. Sullivan has learned that Eversource is considering a lower usage rate for those street lights having LEDs. Should that work out for the Town then the maintenance of the lights would stay with the electric company. Hopefully the Town can obtain the proposed rate information in the very near future. MSH MAINTENANCE COMMITIEE, JOHN THOMPSON CHAIR Mr. Thompson has a few items to discuss this evening. At a previous Selectmen's meeting he mentioned that there is a contractor that would place containers at the hospital site along with bag dispensers for dog owners to use to take care of dog waste. Two containers to be placed at the hospital site and two near the Wheelock School. The cost is $8,000 per year; Park and Recreation will split the cost with the Hospital Maintenance Committee. John has obtained a quote to do necessary roof work on the Chapel Building, replace the down spouts and board up windows; cost $2,237.60. The Board agreed the work should be done. John's next item concerns separate fee for non-profit organizations to use the hospital site. The car show that was held in June was a good success. That organization was for profit and a fee of $2000 was paid. He has had inquiry from an out of town non-profit organization for a car January 31, 2017 Page three show. John's question to the Board is should we have a different rate for non-profit. The Selectmen agree that out-of-town profit or non-profit should pay the same rate. In town charities that benefit the town the fee should be waived. MEETING MINUTES VOTED unanimously to accept the minutes of November 29, December 6, 2016 and January 3 and 17, 2017 as submitted COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT VOTED unanimously to appoint Michael Weintraub to the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee and as recommended by Chairman Megan Sullivan POURING PERMIT FEE ABCC has approved the applications for a pouring permit submitted by Seventh Wave Brewing and Astraluna. The Selectmen discussed and voted an annual fee for the license. VOTE: A motion was made by Selectman Peterson to set an annual fee of $750.00 for a Farmer Series Pouring Permit for brewery or distillery, seconded by Selectman Marcucci. Vote was unanimous 67 NORTH STREET VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher execute the LIP application (Local Initiative Project) for Medfield Holdings LLC (developer Robert Borrelli) project at 67 North Street consisting of eight unit affordable rentals OTHER ITEMS The Board agreed to hold discussion regarding the warrant, Town Administrator's evaluation and other items until next meeting. Before adjourning Selectman Fisher reminded the listening audience to attend the state hospital open house information session on Tuesday February 7, 4-8 PM at the high school cafeteria. The committee has been hard at work putting together four possible options for the site for Medfield residents to review and comment. Please come. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM20170131_page_220170131_page_3

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