Town bell


This email came this weekend from the chair of the Medfield State Hospital Building and Grounds Committee, John Thompson, with his photos of the town bell and Lee Chapel at Medfield State Hospital at sunset –


I was able to take a close look at our bell today and have identified its maker.  It was made by the Meneely Foundry in Troy, NY in 1896, the year that the Medfield Asylum was opened. See attached. The bell is located at the louver level below the clock.  The clock mechanism is set up for the bell to strike on the hour.

I was also able to see how to ring the bell-very easy. It has a beautiful sound.  Would the committee like to meet together at the Chapel some afternoon for a bell ringing?

Here is a link to information about the Meneely Foundry:

The production link is very interesting as is the bell making film under the video and film footage tab.  Medfield is very luck to have this bell. Surely a town treasure.    John


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